#A take a look at Dave the Diver’s dishes and their IRL risks

A take a look at Dave the Diver’s dishes and their IRL risks

Dave the Diver is a recreation about making scrumptious sushi and different dishes utilizing unique sea life as components. The sport doesn’t take itself too severely, however I really feel compelled to level out that making an attempt to eat a few of Bancho’s dishes may not be probably the most nice expertise. Would Bancho Sushi cross a well being inspection, or would it not kill a few of its patrons? Let’s check out a few of the…fascinating meals objects in Dave the Diver.

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Stinging Jellyfish

Let’s begin with jellyfish. You may make sushi with a number of varieties of jellyfish, together with the notorious field jellyfish. These items are among the many most venomous residing issues on Earth, able to killing swimmers in minutes in the event that they get caught of their tentacles. And in Dave the Diver, Bancho serves them up uncooked with rice and nori. Strictly talking, the bell portion of jellyfish ought to be suitable for eating, because the stinging cells are solely on the tentacles. However the in-game artwork options some tentacles served on the facet. It’s unclear in the event that they’ve been handled indirectly to disable the stings (no, urine doesn’t work), however I personally would push them to the far facet of the plate.

Different jellyfish, like barrel jellyfish or fried-egg jellyfish, in all probability received’t kill you even in the event you contact their tentacles. Their venoms are a lot much less potent than the field jelly’s, although getting stung nonetheless isn’t nice. Regardless of the hazard, many cultures around the globe often eat jellyfish. (Talking from expertise, it’s form of crunchy.) It’s essential to notice that some species of jellyfish are toxic if not ready correctly, so let’s hope Bancho is aware of what he’s doing.

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Toxic fish

Talking of toxic seafood, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out pufferfish. Virtually all pufferfish are toxic to various levels, and the 2 species in Dave the Diver aren’t any exception. Preparation of pufferfish as meals is closely regulated in Japan and Korea. It seems that Bancho does certainly have a pufferfish license, so it ought to be suitable for eating the pufferfish he serves. Nonetheless, in the event you begin to really feel a numbing or tingling sensation in your mouth whereas consuming, it’s in all probability finest to place down these chopsticks.

Many predatory reef fish like triggerfish, barracuda, and moray eels will be toxic as properly. Relying on what the fish have eaten, they’ll accumulate excessive ranges of ciguatoxin of their flesh. The toxin doesn’t damage the fish, however in people, it could trigger an sickness known as ciguatera. When you’re unlikely to die from ciguatera, it could result in numbness, vomiting, diarrhea, and critical neurological points. On prime of this, the identical chemical properties that made it exhausting for the fish to expel the toxin additionally apply to you. As soon as it’s in your system, ciguatoxin is troublesome to eliminate, and signs can final for days to years relying on how a lot you ate. 

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Simply plain gross

Meals doesn’t need to be lethal with a view to be disagreeable. Bancho serves quite a lot of shark dishes in varied varieties. Sharks have huge quantities of bitter-tasting urea of their flesh and blood. We people excrete urea by means of our urine, however for sharks, the urea helps stop them from dehydrating. After they die, the urea begins changing to ammonia, which has a foul odor on prime of an acrid style. There are methods to mitigate this, however in my expertise, the scent and style of ammonia will be so overpowering that the dish is almost inedible. Shark meat isn’t one thing I like to recommend for the faint of coronary heart.

Deep-sea fish on the whole have their very own issues. Lots of them, just like the barreleye and snailfish, are uniquely tailored for excessive pressures. Bringing them to the floor causes the gases of their our bodies to broaden, damaging their inside buildings and turning their flesh into gelatinous mush. I assume it could technically be edible, however it could be troublesome to make sushi out of.

Curiously, nautiluses are completely edible. You do have to get them out of their shell although, and their meat doesn’t have the basic brown stripes which might be on the shell. The in-game artwork for nautilus sushi is certainly striped although, so is Bancho serving you the shell too? I can’t think about you’re purported to crunch up and swallow the inedible shell. Possibly you’re meant to take away the shell earlier than consuming?

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Is Bancho a star chef or a assassin?

Up to now, it doesn’t appear to be anybody’s died from consuming Bancho’s meals. Eating at Bancho Sushi might be completely high-quality, particularly given these excessive rankings in Cooksta.

Simply train warning when consuming seafood in the actual world. Do your analysis earlier than placing issues in your mouth and ensure your meals is ready in response to security pointers. 

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