#Wiglett is among the new Pokemon arriving in Scarlet and Violet

Wiglett is among the new Pokemon arriving in Scarlet and Violet

Wiglett wobbles nevertheless it received’t fall down

A brand new Pokemon has been revealed for upcoming Swap entries Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and it’s a tall, wiggly one. Wiglett is a brand new Pokemon for the Paldea area.

Teased as we speak in a brand new video on the World Pokemon Ecological Society website, Wiglett joins the Paldean lineup. You possibly can sit by the lecture on-line, which additionally reveals another regional Pokemon like Paldean Wooper, or simply try the video under by way of Serebii.

Now, astute viewers might word that Wiglett shares some similarities with longtime Era 1 mainstay Diglett. The burrowing Pokemon has a recognizable look, and Wiglett does certainly look loads like Diglett. The video calls consideration to this reality, too.

Because it goes on to emphasize although, this Pokemon is clearly completely different. It’s longer, for one. And it lives close to water, within the sand.

“The shape and actions certainly appear to be Diglett, however they’re in all probability completely different Pokemon,” the video states. So there you go.

A brand new area to discover

We’ve seen a bunch of the brand new monsters in retailer for this new mainline Pokemon entry. There’s the neon monkey Grafaiai, absolutely the perfection of Lechonk, and the 2 new field artwork Legendary Pokemon. These two even act as your rideable mounts for the brand new recreation, serving to you journey throughout the land of Paldea.

The additional journey will assist, as there’s loads to do in Scarlet and Violet. There are primarily three important storylines, with one following the same old Health club battles and others coping with completely different conditions within the area.

As for Wiglett, it’s an fascinating design, if a bit of unsettling. It seems to be like Diglett was rolled out like dough. Nonetheless, the little mole Pokemon was a enjoyable one to have round within the unique era, and these goofy monsters appear enjoyable too.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launches for Nintendo Swap on November 18, 2022.


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