#What do acorns do in AFK Journey? – Destructoid

What do acorns do in AFK Journey? – Destructoid

Like many gacha video games, AFK Journey has plenty of bizarre currencies. One that you could be discover everytime you pull for brand spanking new heroes is acorns. Pull 10 occasions, and also you’ll probably get 7-9 acorns. So, what do they do?

AFK Journey Acorns
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The best way to use Acorns in AFK Journey

Acorns are used to ascend your heroes. Typically. A number of the time, you employ Soul Sigils, that are simply duplicates of that hero. The truth is, for Celestial/Hypogean characters, you’ll be able to solely use Soul Sigils. For some ranges on A-Rank (Purple) and S-Rank (Gold), you’ll want acorns moderately than Soul Sigils to improve their rank.

For A-Rank, this solely occurs as soon as. You want 200 acorns from their faction to stage them up from Mystic+ to Supreme.

For S-Rank, it’s 50 acorns to go from Epic+ to Legendary, 100 from Legandary+ to Mythic, and 200 to go from Mythic+ to Supreme.

These are all that acorns are used for. They’ve a really outlined function, however an especially essential one if you wish to buff your heroes.

One factor to notice about acorns is that they’re faction-specific, so that you’ll want Graveborn acorns to improve your Graveborn heroes, Wilder acorns to improve your Wilder heroes, and so forth. Nonetheless, there are “Omni Acorns” that may be utilized to any hero, filling the hole once you don’t have sufficient of a faction-specific acorn.

AFK Journey Hero Pull Recruit
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The place to get Acorns in AFK Journey

As talked about, your essential supply of acorns can be from recruiting (pulling) new heroes. Whereas doing a ten letter pull will guarantee you get no less than one hero, the opposite 9 might be all acorns.

It’s also possible to get plenty of acorns by buying some bundles from the shop, such because the Noble Path battlepass. This modifications occasionally, so that you’ll have to examine what’s included each time making a purchase order.

Lastly, you may as well get them from Legend Trial, which unlocks at AFK stage 166, obtained from clicking on the AFK hamster within the bottom-left of the display screen and deciding on battle till your heroes can struggle as much as the suitable stage.

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