#We Stand Unbroken quest information Future 2 – Season 20 Week 2

We Stand Unbroken quest information Future 2 – Season 20 Week 2

New locations, new faces

It’s week two of Future 2: Lightfall and with that comes a number of new actions and missions to finish. When you haven’t gone to take a look at the brand new Unique mission to get the Vexcalibur glaive, go and do it now. Proper now. I’ll wait.

Acquired it? Wonderful, wasn’t that enjoyable? While Bungie has been fine-tuning this season for fairly a while now, it does appear that week two’s story is a bit more sparse than the opener final week. There’s nonetheless a lot to do although, and a few attention-grabbing dialogue from a few of the characters we’re going to be interacting with. This week’s We Stand Unbroken quest kicks off by visiting the Helm to obtain a particular message from Amanda Holliday.

Holliday thanks us for busting her and her fellow prisoners out of the pyramid final week earlier than explaining that a few of them have been asking to move again out to search for extra survivors. She tells us that the Shadow Legion has been noticed within the Cosmodrome making an attempt to get extra prisoners and asks us to satisfy her there.

The Cosmodrome

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We land on the Cosmodrome and Amanda says that is the primary time Cabal have been noticed there since Caiatl went after the Hive. There’s a seasonal quest this week to kill enemies with short-range weapons similar to sidearms, submachine weapons, and swords, so carry these alongside to kill two birds with one stone. After clearing some Shadow Legion enemies out a portal will open to the Ascendant Airplane. Drop by means of this and combat your approach by means of extra enemies.

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Amanda feedback that the Ascendant Airplane seems to be like a “half-finished puzzle”. Queen Mara Sov explains, “That realm is extra mutable than our aircraft, and in fixed flux. Each time the Witness alters it, unpredictable manifestations seem”. This means that our battles this season is probably not as easy as they often are in Battleground actions.

After killing but extra enemies, you’ll quickly be requested to banish highly effective Taken. Search for those with markers above their heads and prioritize these to progress the search. Igniting a balefire on the finish of this part will clear the doorway to the pyramid, and you may enter.

Contained in the Pyramid

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We enter the Shadow Legion jail tasked with breaching the pyramid outpost. Head by means of and survive an ambush of Cabal. Look to the upper floor as that is the place they’ll get uncontrolled should you don’t get rid of them shortly. Quickly after, you’ll end up expelled from the pyramid, again exterior within the Ascendant Airplane. To re-enter, defeat enemies and traverse again towards the doorway earlier than heading inside once more. There are completely different entrances to discover and Mara Sov confirms this can be a chance, guiding you towards them.

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Inside you’ll encounter Zatocc, Dedicated to the Witness. Defeat them in an identical method to final week, by lighting balefires, consecrating Taken vitality, and launching it in the direction of them to destroy their defend. After they’re defeated, Devrim Kay desires to talk with you. Head to the Farm.

Fellow Queensguard

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Work together with the Holoprojector on the Farm close to the place Mara Sov is positioned. Devrim desires to talk with you through a transmission. He explains that Mara Sov knighted all of them as Queensguard whether or not they had the Gentle or not, however that Guardians are the one ones who can draw on her energy. “I believe when the Witness did no matter it did to the Traveler it sought to destroy our hope,” he explains, “That didn’t occur”. He continues to explain the truth that when issues are at their worst “that’s after we are at our greatest” as we banded collectively. We’re rewarded with the seasonal auto rifle Perpetualis for finishing the mission.

Lastly, though it isn’t defined within the quest steps, head again to the Helm and go to the Conflict Desk for an extra reward for releasing prisoners. Now you can redeem the In opposition to the Shadows seasonal problem and obtain a Conflict Desk improve.

As a bonus, test the radio on the Farm to listen to a dialog between Mithrax and Devrim Kay and contribute to the Nation Street Triumph’s progress.

Future 2: Lightfall is out now on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.


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