#The Iris of Occultation in Elden Ring

The Iris of Occultation in Elden Ring

As you play by way of Elden Ring you’ll come throughout all method of unusual gadgets. Typically, you’ll meet an NPC who asks you for one thing odd, and it’s essential to observe it down. Both method, the lifetime of a Tarnished isn’t a easy one. The Eye of Occultation is one such merchandise, however we’ll let you know all the pieces it’s essential to know.

The place to search out the Iris of Occultation

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To get the Iris of Occultation, you’ll need to go to the Fort of Reprimand, the place it may be discovered within the dungeon. While you arrive on the Fort, go in the principle gate and take out the enemy within the courtyard. Look to the left and you will notice a recess within the fort wall. This can be a chute that you should utilize to drop down into the basement. There can be some enemies down right here that you could take out. Considered one of them will drop the Irish of Occultation. Fortunately, this one is far simpler to get than its counterpart, the Iris of Grace.

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What’s the Iris of Occultation

Identical to the opposite Iris gadgets, the Irish of Occultation is a consumable that can act equally to Rune Arc. And, identical to these different gadgets, that is undoubtedly the best way you must use it. Save the Iris for a personality referred to as Queelign, who may be discovered within the Prayer Room of the Shadow Preserve, or you may also give it to a different character referred to as Jolan throughout one other questline.

You possibly can commerce the Iris gadgets to them for the next gadgets, and you will get each gadgets for those who discover each the Grace and Occultation Iris.

  • Queelign – Fireplace Knight Queelign Spirit Ash
  • Jolan – Swordhand of Night time Jolan Spirit Ash.

The best way to get to Fort of Reprimand

After making your method by way of Fortress Ensis you’ll come out to the opposite facet on the Highroad Cross Web site of Grace, the place Needle Knight Leda may be discovered. There’s a small drop to the east after which a street that runs south. Take this street till you come to a drake that’s combating numerous enemies. You possibly can both kill the drake or attempt to get previous it with out combating if you want. Behind the drake on the finish of the street is a tunnel that leads by way of the cliff and comes out the opposite facet on the Fort of Reprimand.

In-game lore

“An iris that’s as darkish as night time. Place on the attention of one other to disclaim them gentle in all its varieties. May also be used to obtain the blessing of an outfitted Nice Rune, at the price of all runes at the moment held. Within the realm of Shadow, this artifice was employed by the clergymen of the Erdtree to accentuate the fears of their flock to magnificent impact.”

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