#Popeye is perhaps probably the most insulting adaptation of a basic arcade recreation

“Popeye is perhaps probably the most insulting adaptation of a basic arcade recreation”

Scorching canine torso

I actually don’t understand how you change into the form of one who would use the implausible 1982 Popeye arcade recreation for evil. If somebody instructed me they had been remaking Popeye in 3D, I might assume it was an odd idea, however I might by no means assume ill-intentions. But, someway, Sabec bought the license.

It’s unusual to say they “bought the license.” Popeye is technically within the public area in Europe and can be within the U.S. in 2024. Possibly there’s a loophole there, however credit score to King Options is offered on the title display in an identical matter to the arcade basic. In any case, the developer of video games like Teddy Gangs, Struggle, and Calculator bought their palms on Popeye and proceeded to sin.

Pirate Ship

The 1982 Popeye arcade recreation is a basic. It’s a single-screen motion recreation much like Donkey Kong. Astute readers in all probability do not forget that Donkey Kong got here from legendary designer, Shigeru Miyamoto’s need to create a Popeye recreation, however they couldn’t get the license in time. The following yr, he’d get the chance and created Popeye with Genya Takeda.

Regardless of its origins, Popeye is not only a clone of Donkey Kong. Not like the sedentary ape, Bluto pursues you all through the extent. Your objective is to gather hearts dropped by Olive Oyl whereas avoiding hazard. Like within the cartoon, spinach offers Popeye the power to punch the ever-loving crap out of Bluto, supplying you with an opportunity to seize a couple of extra hearts unmolested till he pulls himself from the brine.

There are three ranges in all, with the second having you grabbing music notes and the third being letters within the phrase HELP. Then, as arcade video games typically do, it loops till the RAM can’t deal with it anymore. Besides probably not. Popeye doesn’t have a kill display. Little bit of pointless trivia for you.

Popeye Raining Hearts

So, you might be saying, “Zoey, you sometimes follow retro video games. What are you doing overlaying a recreation from 2021?” The easy reply is that I really like Popeye. Not simply the 1982 arcade recreation, but additionally the pre-war cartoons. They’re distilled violence. Each quick was nearly Bluto and Popeye competing in some job. Then they begin sabotaging one another. Then they throw palms. Popeye isn’t essentially the hero more often than not; he’s simply much less obnoxious than Bluto. He all the time wins just because he is aware of the way to dope with canned spinach.

Seeing the title Popeye on the Change store caught my eye instantly. Then, I noticed that it appeared like a self-aware cesspool. I noticed that it was primarily based on the arcade recreation and was confused. How might anybody with an iota of respect for the 1982 arcade basic pervert it in such a vogue? I waited for a sale – a deep sale – to search out out.


In case your like me, your first query is, “how do you translate a single-screen arcade recreation to 3D?” You possibly can’t. Not a 3D atmosphere. Latterday video games primarily based on ideas like Frogger and Pac-Man both simply performed with the unique components utilizing 3D graphics, or they simply turned generic platformers.

Wait, maintain on, I simply considered a recreation that will translate: Lunar Lander. Besides that has been made out of date by Kerbal Area Program.

Anyway, Popeye doesn’t have some magical reply for a way you’d translate the components, it simply exhibits you why it doesn’t work. Once more, your objective is to gather hearts thrown by Olive Oyl, however she simply hurls them round willy-nilly. Bluto chases after you, however he could be outsmarted by going round a nook or simply circling round him. It’s form of embarrassing if he ever does catch you. He’s the least efficient slasher enemy I feel I’ve ever encountered.

Popeye Eating Spinnich

There are some credible studies that Popeye is a Unity Asset Flip recreation, and it actually doesn’t take a lot digging to verify that, yeah, it undoubtedly is. Analysis isn’t even required; whenever you play it, you possibly can tangibly really feel the out-of-place property. The buildings and panorama aren’t actually what I consider first once I consider Popeye. Certain, among the shorts would change time intervals, so a pirate theme isn’t that out of the extraordinary, I simply determine that in the event you needed to remake the arcade recreation, you may choose one thing extra recognizable.

It’s much less effort than I sometimes put into my highschool homework. At the least I didn’t simply purchase all of the solutions to cross off as my very own.

It’s technically a useful recreation, however I wouldn’t put a lot inventory into that declare. It’s not like a number of time was spent on bug testing. High quality assurance, pah! That will suggest there was any high quality to guarantee. Even urgent the house button on Change kills Popeye immediately. They in all probability ought to have performed that with the screenshot button. That will no less than forestall any proof of the crime scene.

Popeye Asset Flip

The theme track loops all through the degrees. I feel I used to be too distracted with the whole lot else fallacious with this recreation, however as I researched for this text, I discovered lots of people complaining about it, so be careful, I assume.

It simply fascinates me that the license was used as a money seize. Popeye is a stage beneath shovelware as a result of no less than a lot of the shovelware I’ve performed has some stage of effort. Popeye doesn’t even really feel like a prototype that was by chance printed, it seems like somebody was given a deadline of two weeks to push one thing out the door. It seems like one thing that was pushed out within the early 8-bit period. It’s Pac-Man on the Atari 2600; recognizable however very, very fallacious. No, scratch that, it’s somebody’s highschool programming class undertaking.

However why try this to the Popeye arcade recreation? Was there somebody hopeful {that a} good recreation might come from it, quashed by a cash vacuum that needed an affordable turnaround? Did the license come first, after which somebody didn’t even need to provide you with a singular thought, so they simply lifted the arcade basic and made a poor imitation? Is nothing sacred anymore?

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