#New Closing Fantasy XVI trailer reveals extra of the world behind the Eikon battles

New Closing Fantasy XVI trailer reveals extra of the world behind the Eikon battles

We get a greater take a look at the warring factions fueling this Closing Fantasy

A brand new Closing Fantasy XVI trailer dropped at present, displaying off extra of the upcoming RPG’s huge Eikon battles and the world they happen in.

Closing Fantasy XVI is about within the dying world of Valisthea. Life clings to the remaining crystals of a fading planet, as components of it wither to mud.

Predictably, completely different teams and ideologies have sprung up round these main crystals, and their introduction serves as the primary chunk of at present’s prolonged 4-and-a-half minute trailer.

Starting from the bold and imperial to the very a lot cult-like, there’s selection. Rosaria is the bastion of custom, whereas others just like the Kingdom of Waloed want their isolation.

Final Fantasy XVI

Really Eikonic

Every nation seems to be to have its personal EIkon as properly. These legendary beings, whom you would possibly acknowledge as longtime Closing Fantasy summon mainstays, are introduced forth by chosen hosts.

Joshua, for instance, turns into Phoenix. We see different characters reworking into Garuda, Titan, and extra. And naturally, these flip into precise big battles with, and between, the highly effective beings.

We don’t see to a lot of Clive, the player-character protagonist of Closing Fantasy XVI, except for a number of battle pictures. We do get take a look at the fight although. And I’ve to say, if XVI goes extra of an action-RPG route, it’s trying good.

Massive Eikon battles look completely phenomenal. And even within the nonetheless character pictures we get, Closing Fantasy XVI is trying graphically attractive.

Forging a Fantasy

Producer Naoki Yoshida and director Hiroshi Takai each shared messages following the reveal of at present’s Closing Fantasy XVI trailer.

Yoshida stated the staff wished to focus extra on the world than motion, in comparison with the final trailer.

“On the subject of improvement, the staff has turned the nook and entered the house stretch,” wrote Yoshida. “And is at present concentrating its efforts on debugging, tweaking, sprucing, and optimization.”

“As the sport edges nearer to completion, the staff has turned its full consideration to debugging and remaining changes,” wrote Takai. “Now that issues are beginning to come collectively, the sport is sizing as much as be one thing actually particular.”

Closing Fantasy XVI is due out in summer season 2023 for the PlayStation 5.


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