#Must you run the Blissey Raid Occasion in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?

Must you run the Blissey Raid Occasion in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?

It’s free Tera Shards

If there’s one factor Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have completed properly, it’s introducing shocking Tera Raids. Despite the fact that the 7-Star Decidueye occasion returns for spherical two this weekend, we concurrently have 5-Star Blissey populating our raid crystals by way of Sunday. Much like earlier 5-Star occasions, Blissey can seem with any Tera Kind. In the event you’re afraid this may make Blissey exhausting to counter, belief me, you have got nothing to fret about.

Blissey is much less a problem and extra a loot piñata filled with Tera Shards. That’s proper, we lastly have an occasion that’s handing out one of many scarcest assets within the sport like sweet! Right here’s what you need to count on.

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The official hardcore Blissey Tera Raid information

In the event you don’t intentionally attempt to fail, you’ll defeat Blissey. Its primary offensive transfer is Seismic Toss, dealing a static 75 injury to you upon use. It technically additionally is aware of Final Resort, however Blissey possible received’t stay lengthy sufficient to make use of it. Savvy gamers may observe that these assaults are Combating and Regular-Kind respectively, each of which may’t have an effect on Ghost Pokemon. In different phrases, convey a Gengar or an Annihilape to be functionally immortal.

Not that it is advisable put together in any significant strategy to tackle Blissey. Its different strikes are Heal Pulse and Mushy-Boiled, which could give the impression that this battle is a DPS examine. That stated, Blissey will use Heal Pulse on you. In the event you ever needed a possibility to flaunt a Stomach Drum Pokemon like Azumarill, that is the battle you’ve been ready for. In my testing, I by no means noticed Blissey use Mushy-Boiled or Final Resort a single time. Then once more, it sometimes went down in about three turns.

Truthfully, I can’t think about anybody becoming a member of an internet room that struggles to defeat Blissey earlier than time runs out. Even in the event you have been in any hazard, a single therapeutic Cheer must be all it is advisable recuperate. Throw warning to the wind and hit Blissey with every little thing you’ve acquired.

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Is that this occasion price your time?

As talked about above, that is the Tera Shard occasion. Blissey will drop 20+ Tera Shards per clear, together with ones that don’t correspond to its Tera Kind. These yields are even higher than the 7-Star Tera Raids we’ve seen thus far. You’ll additionally obtain a ton of EXP candies for simple energy leveling, which admittedly doesn’t imply as a lot for anybody often operating 7-Star occasions. Nonetheless, given how simple Blissey is, it is a good bonus for gamers nonetheless progressing the principle story or postgame content material.

I do really feel ethically obligated to say that the Tera Shard grind is an issue that shouldn’t have existed within the sport to start with. The Blissey occasion is a Band-Assist, and it’s infuriating that anybody who doesn’t play this weekend will nonetheless be subjugated to the standard charges. Nonetheless, Tera Shards are largely essential for aggressive gamers, so this occasion presents a little bit of aid for the hardcore viewers. Briefly, in the event you’re actively enjoying Scarlet & Violet, be sure that to smack Blissey a couple of occasions for some simple loot. The occasion received’t ship you to the moon and again, however we’ve bugs for that.


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