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Metroid Prime Remastered – Destructoid

Prime cuts

Whereas rumors that had been swirling for years pointed to the chance of a port of 2009’s Metroid Prime Trilogy, Nintendo stunned us by dropping Metroid Prime Remastered as an alternative. That is totally in contrast to Nintendo for a couple of causes. Largely, it’s as a result of Metroid Prime Remastered isn’t only a port. They really went to the trouble of gussying as much as the nines. Weirder but, they aren’t charging some type of premium for it and even full worth. Generally they fake that Metroid doesn’t even exist. Is that this a mistake?

In any case, I like Metroid Prime. The GameCube had loads of momentum popping out of the gate, giving followers loads to attract their focus away from what was taking place on different platforms. Metroid Prime dropped in North America, precisely one yr after the continent obtained the console itself. I cherished it. For a superb time period, I thought-about it my favourite sport of all time, and whereas that title has tarnished just a little, I nonetheless find it irresistible. It’s nice to see it get a considerate spit-shine.

Metroid Prime Remastered - Combat
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Metroid Prime Remastered (Change)
Developer: Retro Studios
Writer: Nintendo
Launched: February 8, 2023 (Digital), February 22, 2023 (Phsyical)
MSRP: $39.99

The story sees the alleged bounty hunter, Samus Aran, as she follows a misery sign to a House Pirate frigate close to the planet of Tallon IV. One factor results in one other, and Samus is planetside and not using a bunch of her gear.

If that sounds just like the setup to Tremendous Metroid, properly…

Except for the plot, Metroid Prime is each an incredible divergence and a devoted continuation of the sequence. Whereas Metroid Fusion was a extra standard entry being launched as a companion on GBA, Retro Studios determined to convey it into the third dimension and shove you into Samus’ visor. Reasonably than a side-scroller, Metroid Prime is a first-person exploration sport with shooter mechanics. Lots of people in contrast it to Halo in 2003, and that’s simply not a really apt comparability. Metroid Prime is nearer to a platformer than a shooter, even when Samus’ gun is consistently on display screen. Extra focus is on fixing puzzles than blasting beasts.

Polygon pusher

Metroid Prime was a graphical jaw-dropper on the time of launch. It wasn’t a lot that it was a polygon pusher, it largely got here from its dedication to lavish particulars. Mist would persist with the display screen in droplets, shiny flashes would trigger Samus’ face to replicate within the visor (for some purpose), and the x-ray imaginative and prescient would present bone. It was wonderful.

My preliminary thought when the remaster was introduced was that it didn’t actually must be remastered, and I nonetheless suppose it didn’t. Nonetheless, now that we’ve Metroid Prime Remastered, I’ve to say I’m impressed. It’s not simply that the sport seems loads nicer now, it’s the truth that a lot of it has modified, and it nonetheless has the identical aesthetic really feel. When you hadn’t performed Metroid Prime over the past 20 years, you may make the error in pondering it’s the identical sport taking part in at a better decision, however a substantial amount of work has gone into tying a bow round it.

The textures, the fashions, and the lighting have all been up to date. For a Change title, it’s fairly the looker. But, regardless of that, it performs precisely the identical. The environments and fashions really feel as if they’re constructed over the bones of the GameCube authentic, and whereas the results all look higher, they perform the identical. You’re in a position to select from quite a lot of management varieties, together with the unique sticky lock-on mode and the up to date Wii movement controls. I went with dual-stick as a result of I like wanting round, however I’m very accustomed to the sticky lock-on. Metroid Prime simply doesn’t really feel proper except I’ve to lock onto all the things.

Metroid Prime Remastered Phendrana
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The Hunter is right here to wreck home

There aren’t very many quality-of-life changes. The one one I can actually establish past some accessibility settings is that your cannon will fireplace a couple of instances earlier than starting to cost. The map capabilities the identical, which implies you gained’t get any data on the place gadgets could or might not be hidden. There’s additionally the first purpose of discovering all of the Chozo artifacts, which is simply as a lot a ache within the ass because it was initially.

Scanning stays the identical, too. I by no means had a lot of an issue with it, however this time I went via with solely scanning after I needed to, and it was a greater expertise. Not like most video games within the sequence, Metroid Prime is jam-packed with lore, and loads of it’s given to you thru the scanning visor. A few of this is absolutely the most pointless soft-science taste textual content conceivable, different instances it simply tells you in regards to the soil composition, however my favourite is all of the messages the place the House Pirates are like, “Look out! The Hunter is right here to wreck home!”

Whereas I usually hate the tell-don’t-show storytelling of mainly handing an encyclopedia to the participant, it type of works with Metroid. The video games have at all times introduced an environment of absolute isolation. Metroid Prime doesn’t have a single pleasant character so that you can work together with, and any exposition or dialogue would type of diminish that. In reality, you may activate the audio narration that was current within the PAL model of the sport, and I feel it’s terrible. It makes the start and finish really feel like clips from a film trailer.

Metroid Prime Mecha Ridley
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The place credit score is due

Metroid Prime Remastered is a implausible renewal of the basic GameCube title. It now seems like how our brains inform us it appeared the primary time we performed it. Furthermore, I really feel that by touching up the graphics, it does an incredible job of underlining how properly the sport itself really holds up. Metroid Prime was lauded as a masterpiece. It feels larger and extra assured than loads of video games on the time did. Taking the patina off of it was a worthwhile endeavor. I’m simply stunned Nintendo, of all folks, did it.

It’s simply too unhealthy they didn’t credit score the unique builders past a single card.

Nonetheless, I don’t need to oversell it. Whereas Metroid Prime has been constructed as much as close to mythological standing by some, when you’ve performed a Metroid sport up to now, it’s largely in keeping with that. In reality, when you’ve already gone via the current Metroid Dread, you may come away dissatisfied with the sluggish, tank-y fight and minimalistic plot. That’s to not say Metroid Prime is an inferior title, it simply has loads to reside as much as.

Nonetheless, whether or not you’re diving into the Prime sub-series for the primary time otherwise you’re returning to Tallon IV, Metroid Prime Remastered is a loving touch-up to the beloved title. It might be nice if Nintendo adopted this up with remakes of the opposite two video games within the trilogy, however I really feel they already expended all the trouble they’d with this. They’re in all probability simply going to nap for some time.

[This review is based on a retail build of the game provided by the publisher.]


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