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Methods to play Arlecchino in Genshin Affect – Destructoid

Arlecchino is the primary playable character in Genshin Affect with Bond of Life mechanics constructed into her package. For those who don’t need to learn a novel to learn the way to play her, although, right here’s a rundown of how she works.

What’s Bond of Life?

Bond of Life is a debuff that forestalls your character from receiving a set quantity of therapeutic. It seems as a crimson border round your well being bar. Any therapeutic you obtain will chip away on the crimson border as an alternative of replenishing your precise HP. The size of the crimson border denotes how a lot Bond of Life it’s essential to clear earlier than you can begin filling your inexperienced HP bar.

Enemies like Fatui Operatives can put a Bond of Life on you, however Arlecchino is ready to apply it to herself. That is excellent news, since Arlecchino will need to have a Bond of Life in an effort to obtain a Pyro infusion on her Regular, Charged, and Plunging Assaults.

Methods to get Bond of Life on Arlecchino

To attain a Bond of Life, use Arlecchino’s Talent to use Blood-Debt Directives to enemies. They need to seem as crimson X-shaped marks. Then, use Arlecchino’s Charged Assault to soak up the marks and acquire a Bond of Life.

Two Hilichurls from Genshin Impact with a Blood-Debt Directive mark and a Blood-Debt Due mark
Screenshot by way of HoYoLAB

Ideally, you received’t be utilizing a Talent and Charged Assault back-to-back. As an alternative, I like to recommend you use Arlecchino’s Talent, swap to teammates to arrange their talents, after which use Arlecchino’s Charged Assault. The delay will permit for Blood-Debt Directive to turn out to be Blood-Debt Dues, rising the Bond of Life you get.

This issues as a result of Arlecchino good points bonus harm from having extra Bond of Life. Upon getting your Bond of Life, Arlecchino will acquire a Pyro infusion on her Regular, Charged, and Plunging Assaults. 

Pyro-infused assaults will deal elevated harm but additionally devour a few of her Bond of Life. As her Bond of Life decreases, Arlecchino offers much less harm. When her Bond of Life drops under 30% of her max HP, her Pyro infusion will disappear altogether, however her combo ought to be over earlier than she ever reaches this state.

Greatest Arlecchino combo

As soon as she has her Pyro infusion, Arlecchino’s finest combo is simply spamming Regular Assaults. Her Regular Assault combo is sort of quick and nice for triggering Xingqiu or Yelan’s Burst results.

Arlecchino’s package leaves room for Charged Assaults or Plunging Assault shenanigans if you wish to attempt them, however the optimum combo is to only hold utilizing Normals.

Arlecchino from Genshin Impact uses a Pyro-infused Normal Attack on some Hilichurls
Screenshot by way of HoYoLAB

Therapeutic Arlecchino

Arlecchino has a novel passive that forestalls her from receiving therapeutic from exterior sources whereas in fight. Pairing her with a healer has no impact. So, how does Arlecchino keep alive?

When in fight, Arlecchino can solely heal herself along with her Burst, Balemoon Rising. Casting her Burst offers AoE Pyro harm and heals Arlecchino, clearing her Bond of Life.

This additionally implies that casting her Burst ends Arlecchino’s Pyro infusion, reverting her Regular and Charged Assaults to Bodily harm. You must solely solid Arlecchino’s Burst on the finish of her combo or throughout emergencies. 

Tl;dr: Arlecchino rotation

Given the above info (or should you can’t be bothered to learn it — I don’t blame you), Arlecchino’s groups’ rotations will look one thing like this:

  1. Begin with Arlecchino’s Talent.
  2. Swap by teammates to arrange their buffs or talents.
  3. Swap again to Arlecchino and use her Charged Assault.
  4. Spam Arlecchino’s Regular Assaults for roughly 10 seconds.
  5. End with Arlecchino’s Burst.

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