#Jennifer Hale responds to the Bayonetta voice performing controversy

Jennifer Hale responds to the Bayonetta voice performing controversy

Bayonetta‘s new voice actress speaks out

In case you missed it, there’s been a complete lot of controversy this week surrounding the upcoming launch of Bayonetta 3 this week.  The unique Bayonetta voice actress, Hellena Taylor, who has voiced Cereza in each of the mainline video games and the spin-offs, took to Twitter this week to ask gamers to boycott the collection’ third entry.  Whereas the sport’s director, Yusuke Miyata, acknowledged that “numerous overlapping circumstances made it tough for Hellena Taylor to reprise her position,” Taylor says that she turned down the position as a result of she was provided a mere $4,000 in fee for her potential voice work on Bayonetta 3, which is negligible in comparison with the worth she has dropped at the collection.  As a substitute, prolific voice actress Jennifer Hale, identified for roles like Commander Shepard in Mass Impact and Rosalind Lutece in Bioshock Infinite, for instance, has taken over voicing the position.

As per typical, the web has exploded with individuals who have loads to say in regards to the state of affairs, however the one particular person we had been most to listen to from was Jennifer Hale herself.  “I help each actor’s proper to be paid properly and have advocated constantly for this for years,” Hale mentioned.  “Anybody who is aware of me, or has adopted my profession, will know that I’ve nice respect for my friends, and I’m an advocate for all members of the group.”  Hale goes on to say that she is unable to say something additional because of her non-disclosure settlement.

Whereas everybody appears to be coming to their very own conclusions in regards to the state of affairs, it’s comprehensible why Taylor can be harm underneath these circumstances.  She has introduced a lot worth to not solely the Bayonetta collection, however to Nintendo as a complete through the years. It looks as if the final consensus is that she deserves to be paid generously for the work that she’s carried out, however as these items often go, it’s a messy state of affairs of which we are going to seemingly by no means know the complete reality.  Whether or not or not a boycott occurs or not will come right down to the person shoppers, however right here’s hoping that Taylor can by some means get justice for the state of affairs within the coming weeks or months.


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