#Greatest Kingdom Hearts Characters, ranked – Destructoid

Greatest Kingdom Hearts Characters, ranked – Destructoid

A legendary forged of characters

One of the best Kingdom Hearts characters have a ton of persona, have been by way of hardship, or just have highly effective and thrilling talents that dynamically elevate the collection’ battle scenes. A key ingredient why Kingdom Hearts resonates with so many individuals isn’t just the continuous motion; however the ardour behind the forged’s motivations.

Characters like Sora and Roxas aren’t afraid to precise their feelings: to cry, to scream, to like, to smile. And lots of the legendary collection characters are extra intriguing than the common RPG forged, and it’s refreshing to see heroes, (or in some uncommon circumstances, villains), that we’re in a position to relate to.

Warning: There are spoilers for Kingdom Hearts 3 and Kingdom Hearts 3: Remind on this record.

Xigbar Luxu Kingdom Hearts 3
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10) Xigbar/Luxu

Top-of-the-line elements of the Kingdom Hearts narrative is the way it intrigues its followers with delicate nods and thriller.

Xigbar is actually a type of characters that make you suppose. Should you’ve performed and completed Kingdom Hearts 3, you’ll know he’s in actual fact Luxu, the Grasp of Masters’ right-hand man. His witty humor makes him an important foil for Sora, and his boss battle in KH2 is phenomenal.

Goofy Best Kingdom Hearts characters
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9) Goofy

Regardless of his clumsy origins in cartoon kind, Goofy is a dependable ally for Sora. He’s the one within the Keyblade Hero 3 that offers the spiky-haired hero useful recommendation and is the level-headed individual within the group.

He’s endearing and sort which makes him an important buddy!

Master of Masters KH
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8) Grasp of Masters

We actually don’t know a lot in regards to the Grasp of Masters, however from his few appearances to date, followers have been intrigued by his presence. He appears to have all the pieces deliberate with the Guide of Prophecies in his thoughts and has a surprisingly goofy (not our pal Goofy) vibe from him.

His persona makes him such an odd antagonist, and the intrigue makes him top-of-the-line Kingdom Hearts characters.

Xemnas KH2+
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7) Xemnas

Xemnas is a badass antagonist in Kingdom Hearts 2.

The Group XIII chief has twin blades, and his battle abilities with these laser swords would put even Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul to disgrace. Xemnas can be an antagonist who has a simply trigger for his actions. He desires himself and his fellow No person Group members to have hearts once more however can solely achieve this by making Sora defeat the Heartless. Due to this fact, he causes chaos all through the worlds.

Xion Kingdom Hearts
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6) Xion

Xion is one other no one caught with a dreaded path forward of her. Those that have performed 358/2 Days know that she’s a enjoyable, charismatic character that’s much like Sora in some ways. Roxas and Axel get to know her all through the sport as she struggles to wield the keyblade.

The story behind her existence is an enchanting thriller that begins to unravel as the times proceed. By the top, your coronary heart shall be damaged as a friendship is torn aside by destiny.

Aqua best Kingdom Hearts characters
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5) Aqua

One other character Kingdom Hearts followers love (myself included!) is Aqua. She is strong-willed, disciplined, and has a pointy wit about her that few different Kingdom Hearts characters possess.

She has a stern exterior, however in relation to her pals, she’s going to do something in her energy to guard them, particularly Ven, who drifted to sleep for a decade earlier than she may rescue him once more. She’s top-of-the-line Kingdom Hearts characters in my thoughts due to her adept talents and power.

Axel Organization XIII
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4) Axel/Lea

Axel (or Lea) is a No person that just about everybody cherished as quickly as he appeared on-screen. He has a rambunctious persona and likes to work exterior the strains.

His unpredictable nature and break-the-rules aptitude helped him acquire a buddy in Roxas. He additionally goes by way of a tragic story as he’s compelled to take out his personal finest buddy, who has misplaced their reminiscences. Axel is simply plain top-of-the-line Kingdom Hearts characters: “received it memorized?”

Roxas KH
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3) Roxas

The character that has arguably misplaced probably the most within the Kingdom Hearts collection is Roxas. He loses his pals, has his physique utterly taken away from him, and is instructed that he was by no means meant to exist. It’s fairly tragic! Throughout his time in Twilight City, he tries to suppose positively. He’s loyal to his pals like Hayner and Axel.

Nonetheless, Roxas is much less trusting of others than Sora in some ways. It makes for a refreshing change of tempo from Sora’s happy-go-lucky method. He’s extra crucial, in a position to suppose on his ft, and is a pointy wise-cracker. He additionally has a splendidly dramatic theme music. Hopefully, we get one other recreation with Roxas once more, his badass dual-wielding model included.

Sora Best Kingdom Hearts characters
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2) Sora

To some, Sora generally is a nuisance. He’s loud and obnoxious at occasions. Nonetheless, what makes Sora top-of-the-line Kingdom Hearts characters is his compassion for others. Not like many online game protagonists, he’s keen to indicate his emotions. He begs on his knees to see Kairi once more in the direction of Group XIII member Saix. He cries when the Guardians of Gentle fail in a single fell swoop in Kingdom Hearts 3. 

That willingness to indicate his feelings, inside a style crammed with masculine protagonists, is a breath of contemporary air. He’s tremendous relatable.

Riku Kingdom Hearts 3
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1) Riku

It may be argued that Riku has probably the most character development of all the forged within the KH collection. He grew accustomed to the darkness as Maleficent satisfied him to twist him right into a servant. He betrayed his finest buddy Sora for the wellbeing of Kairi, (even preventing towards him). Then, after Xehanort’s Heartless took over his physique, Riku suffered for a very long time, even taking the type of the individual he hates.

However he took that kind to guard Sora and battle off the highly effective (and offended) Roxas. Riku has a tremendous character arc as he tries to reconcile his previous errors. His battle is the rationale why he’s the very best Kingdom Hearts character.


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