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beat Shark Guardians information – Destructoid

Sonic Frontiers: How to beat Shark Guardians guide 11

Like many Guardians, there’s a trick to it

As we broke down in our Asura Guardian information, Guardians are a subclass of enemies that may basically be thought of minibosses. The Shark is a Guardian that’s discovered on the desert island of Ares, and is exceedingly straightforward to take down. Right here’s how.

Sonic Frontiers: How to beat Shark Guardians guide 2

Find the Shark Guardian and let it soar out of the sand

As soon as you notice a Shark, Sonic Frontiers will dramatically pause and allow you to know that the battle has begun with a title card: so there’s no option to be fully stunned by its preliminary strike from underneath the sand.

Run in circles round its fin that’s poking out, and when it leaps out of the sand, discover the lock-on signature on its tail. Sprint towards it as quickly because it rises out and latch on with the assault button.

Sonic Frontiers: How to beat Shark Guardians guide 3

When you’ve grabbed on, follows the on-screen QTEs after which smash it

From there the remainder of the struggle is self-explanatory.

Sonic will grip the tail of the Shark in a scripted sequence, full with directional QTEs. Simply tilt the analog stick within the path the sport is asking for, and hold going till it crashes.

As soon as it does, it’s fully open for combos. For those who’re quick, you may knock the Shark out shortly. For those who don’t end it off (otherwise you fall off), simply repeat the method from the first step.


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