#Easy methods to beat Strider Guardians information

Easy methods to beat Strider Guardians information

You possibly can’t miss ’em!

Out of the entire Guardians in Sonic Frontiers, the Strider must be the goofiest trying of all of them. You actually can’t miss them within the Ares island area: as they tower over many of the map. To kick off the combat simply method them, enable the sport to start out that boss title card, and prepare to grind.

Sonic Frontiers: How to beat Strider Guardians guide 2

Grind as much as the boss and full every circle

After the intro cinematic, the Strider will conjure up a sequence of rings near the bottom. You’ll be utilizing these to fly as much as the primary platform: the place you’ll truly be combating the boss.

Consider the preliminary set of rings as a tutorial. In case you absolutely journey round a hoop (ensure you enhance), it’ll flip blue, and produce you nearer to the boss. Hold repeating that course of to get a really feel for the pace of ring journey.

Head to the middle platform

When you’re up and near the boss, the battle begins. Your job is to make all three large rings blue by touring throughout them. Initially, the Strider will simply shoot a extremely gradual shifting single laser on one monitor, which is tremendous straightforward to dodge.

One fast tip to remember is that you may truly enhance fully round one ring quicker than the Strider laser can exit: as quickly as the primary ring is accomplished/turns blue, swap to the following ring with L1/R1 (LT/RT) and repeat the method. You possibly can enhance round all three rings earlier than the laser swaps to a different monitor.

After ending all three tracks, you’ll get the possibility to leap off the rails into the middle platform, the place the Strider is weak. Use your finest combos in opposition to it, however count on to take care of a second section.

Now you’ll must do the very same course of once more, however with significantly extra projectiles in play. Along with swapping tracks, ensure you leap/double leap to clear many of the hazards with ease. Additionally don’t get too hung up on clearing every ring completely: for those who miss a portion of the monitor, you may all the time return and do it on one other run.

Simply take it gradual and regular, as rings will fly off the platform, making it onerous to keep up a gentle stream of HP (rings).


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