#Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 3 provides Magic Mirror and Mac help – Destructoid

Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 3 provides Magic Mirror and Mac help – Destructoid

Baldurs Gate 3 Patch 3 notes
It’s been about six weeks since Baldur’s Gate 3 was launched, and the third greater patch is already right here. Larian Studios has been fast and thorough with patches for the CRPG to this point, and Patch 3 isn’t any completely different. Maybe most significantly, Patch 3 makes Baldur’s Gate 3 totally supported on Mac. Saves of earlier variations usually are not suitable, and Larian recommends Mac gamers totally uninstall earlier variations of BG3 to reduce potential points.

Characteristic-wise, a brand new Magic Mirror is now at camp. Gamers can work together with the Magic Mirror to vary their look at any time, nevertheless many occasions they need. Whereas look, voice, pronouns, and your…uh…particular elements, could be modified, race/subrace and physique sort can’t. Additionally, origin characters, hirelings, and full illithids can’t use the Magic Mirror. I suppose this implies I ought to cease guzzling down tadpoles.

Patch 3 for Baldur’s Gate 3 additionally consists of some further modifications to gameplay, fight, and efficiency. We’ve included a few of the non-spoiler patch notes under, however you possibly can view the complete Patch 3 notes right here.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 3 notes


  • Baldur’s Gate 3 is now totally supported on Mac!
  • A Magic Mirror that permits you to change your look is now obtainable at camp!


  • Mounted Stage 4 or greater Divine Smite permitting you so as to add Divine Smite as a response, permitting for 2 Divine Smites in 1 assault.
  • Mounted the Divine Smite injury rising over the cap of 5d8.
  • Made a number of enhancements to the Poltergeist enemy: they’re now revealed on being attacked or hit with Radiant Spirit Guardians; they won’t flip Invisible once more if they’re nonetheless in a personality’s See Invisibility aura; in Balanced and Explorer Mode, they’ve drawback on Dexterity Saving Throws when Invisible; the vary of their assaults has been decreased; they usually gained’t attempt to hold distance from the participant in fight in order that they’re simpler to search out.
  • Mounted the Sneak Assault injury bonus not rising to 6d6 at Stage 11.
  • Mounted a case the place a number of Smokepowder Arrows could possibly be used totally free whereas the Additional Assault characteristic was energetic.


  • The colors on the PS5 controller will now match elemental injury sorts extra intently.


  • Improved efficiency within the Decrease Metropolis. Extra to return!


  • Made dye colors extra intense and extra seen on some armours. It will solely have an effect on newly dyed gadgets.
  • Dragonborn characters can now choose any of the barbarian piercings.
  • Mounted Shadowheart going blonde when equipping a hat.
  • Improved the reflection within the Spectator’s eye within the Underdark.
  • Mounted face tattoos disappearing when zooming out.


  • The next spells will now appropriately break the Sanctuary situation: Name Lightning, Evard’s Black Tentacles, Polymorph, Starvation of Hadar, Concern, Ice Storm, Flesh to Stone, Divine Intervention, Hypnotic Sample, Sluggish, Stinking Cloud, Banishment, Glyph of Warding.
  • Stage Up will now queue all characters who could be levelled up so that you don’t must click on on them individually.
  • Mounted some corpses by no means exhibiting the ‘(empty)’ tag after you loot them.
  • Mounted not having the ability to use some reactions whereas in disguise.
  • Cazador’s workers, Woe, now appropriately unlocks the Blight spell when outfitted.
  • Mounted a number of magic gadgets and Volo’s Ersatz Eye shedding their energy after you might be killed and revived.
  • Mounted the Spell Sniper feat not engaged on assault spells.
  • The Spell Sniper feat will now appropriately cut back the Essential Hit threshold by 1.
  • Mounted the Idol of Silvanus buff disappearing after Lengthy Relaxation.
  • Mummies raised by Create Undead can now Leap to observe you round higher.
  • The Everburn Blade now appropriately units explosive surfaces and explosive objects alight when hit.
  • The Misty Escape feat will not break focus.
  • Studying store indicators will not be thought-about a criminal offense.
  • The Chopping Phrases response is now set to Ask by default.
  • Summoned zombies and skeletons will not be capable to decide up loot and disappear with it when dismissed.
  • The Azer summon’s Overheat means is now obtainable on its hotbar when summoned.
  • The Nimblefinger Gloves now appropriately apply their Dexterity bonus to gnomes, halflings, and dwarves.
  • Mounted an Animate Useless exploit permitting you to summon 2 skeletons from the identical corpse.
  • Optimised how the sport handles object choice on controller.
  • Mounted Sovereign Spaw having the ability to resurrect hirelings with Animating Spores. We taught him to not use this on participant characters anymore.
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