#The way to get the Knowledge Disk in Crow Nation – Destructoid

The way to get the Knowledge Disk in Crow Nation – Destructoid

The Knowledge Disk is a compulsory late-game merchandise that additionally acts as a key to accessing the sport’s a number of laptop terminals. Getting it’s a bit roundabout and requires fixing a puzzle positioned within the Ocean Kingdom Arcade.

Step one in our journey goes to be restoring energy to the Arcade itself. The Arcade will be discovered within the Northwestern part of the Ocean Kingdom space, which is itself West of the primary plaza. To revive energy to the Arcade, you’ll want entry to the the circuit breaker, which requires the Silver Key to open.

To be extra particular: circuit breaker is within the high left of the picture above, and the coin machine with the puzzle trace and Knowledge Disk are on the proper.

When you’ve received the facility on, you may learn a be aware close to the machines that tells you which of them scores every machine might want to show to earn your prize. The order comes out to Mermaid, Dolphin, Boat, then Shark, with every rating doubling the final. The video games themselves are quite simple, and also you’ll must earn the next scores to complete the puzzle:

  • Mermaid: 1
  • Dolphin: 2
  • Boat: 4
  • Shark: 8

When you’ve achieved these scores, the Knowledge Disk will dispense from the coin machine that had the puzzle clue. This disc can be utilized to entry any of the sport’s knowledge terminals, together with these within the Railway save room (to entry the flamethrower) and the Dungeon (to search out the glass bottle). There’s one other terminal underground, however I’ll hold it obscure in case of spoilers.

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