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Methods to full the Depend Ymir questline in Elden Ring – Destructoid

Elden Ring is full of tragic tales typically instructed by means of questlines of assorted NPCs discovered within the Lands Between. Shadow of the Erdtree introduces the mysterious Depend Ymir who wants a serving to hand with ringing a number of bells discovered at numerous ruins. His questline has many highly effective rewards that make this prolonged journey worthwhile. Right here’s every thing it’s essential learn about Depend Ymir’s questline and its rewards together with a handful of puns thrown in for good measure. 


Understand that this information will include many spoilers. Nevertheless, I’ll keep away from spoiling something exterior this questline’s scope.

The place is Depend Ymir in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree?

Depend Ymir sits atop the throne within the Cathedral of Manus Metyr discovered within the Scadu Atlus area. This space is southeast of the Shadow Hold and northeast of Fortress Ensis. As with lots of the areas in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, getting there isn’t so simple as it seems on the map. Right here’s how one can get to the Cathedral of Manus Metyr.

Moorth Ruins to Bonny Village

  1. Ranging from the Moorth Ruins Web site of Grace (east of Fortress Ensis) search for a tower to the east that has sunken into the bottom. There might be a gap that you could leap down subsequent to it. (Discuss with the photographs supplied because it’s straightforward to overlook.)
  2. The tunnel is pretty simple, comply with it to the tip the place you’ll attain a ladder. Use warning because the canines in these tight corridors could be a trouble to take care of. 
  3. Climb up the ladder and also you’ll attain the Bonny Village Web site of Grace.

Bonny Village to Bridge Resulting in the Village

  1. Cross over to the japanese aspect of the village and look north for the unusual tree with a statue of Marika beneath it. Seize the “O Mom” gesture from the statue. 

Don’t skip selecting up the O Mom gesture. You’ll want to make use of this gesture afterward within the questline to progress.

  1. Proceed east by means of the village and cross the bridge resulting in a plateau with a single hut on high of it. Seize the Tooth Whip from contained in the Whipping Hut when you’d like, then proceed throughout the second bridge to succeed in the aptly named Bridge Resulting in the Village Web site of Grace.

Bridge Resulting in the Village to Cathedral of Manus Metyr

  1. Observe the trail that wraps round to the northwest. Ultimately, you’ll attain the Church District Highroad Web site of Grace. The street northwest results in the Church District Entrance Web site of Grace. You’ll have to go there afterward within the questline. For now, take the street to the south to succeed in the Cathedral of Manus Metyr. 

Beginning the Depend Ymir questline in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

elden ring cathedral of manus metyr
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Enter the cathedral and activate the Web site of Grace. Don’t fear, the cathedral is devoid of any hostiles in the meanwhile. Previous the Web site of Grace, you’ll see Depend Ymir sitting atop a throne. Communicate with him and exhaust his dialogue to obtain a Ruins Map and Gap-Laden Necklace.  

Discuss to him as soon as extra and he’ll clarify that the map results in a finger break and that he needs you to ring the hanging bell that’s there. Give him a chuckle and wave after which transfer in the direction of the western exit of the cathedral. You’ll discover a fearsome NPC named Swordhand of Night time Jolan standing towards a pillar. She’s Depend Ymir’s bodyguard and performs a job afterward within the questline, and a brief quest of her personal afterward. 

Proceed by means of the western exit and also you’ll attain a small graveyard. There’s an interactable headstone that may be learn. You’ll be taught that that is the grave of Yuri, a toddler taken earlier than his time. Return to Jolan after which Ymir and exhaust the brand new dialogue choices. Now it’s time to delve into the primary ruins. 

The place to seek out the primary ruins for Depend Ymir’s questline

The primary set of ruins that you just’ll have to go to is known as the Finger Ruins of Rhia within the Cerulean Coast area. Take a look at our Cerulean Coast information when you haven’t found this space but.

  1. From the Cerulean Coast Web site of Grace, hug the left treeline to keep away from the Ghostflame Dragon that patrols the meadow. Make your option to the map fragment and seize it when you haven’t already.
  2. From the map fragment location, look east and also you’ll see a slim path alongside a ruined constructing. Observe that path till you attain the shore.
  3. Merely comply with alongside the shore till you see an enormous fallen constructing that acts as a ramp upward. This results in the Finger Ruins of Rhia Web site of Grace. 

As soon as right here, your goal is seen clearly within the distance. A cocoon-looking object hangs in the midst of a circle of fingers. Imagine it or not, these are the bells it’s essential be ringing. By ringing, I imply performing a kissing animation– traditional Elden Ring

However earlier than you sprint to your loss of life, you must turn out to be conversant in the enemies that you just’ll be scuffling with at every of the ruins. There are a number of sorcerers which have a particularly long-range spell that stuns you for seconds, even when using Torrent. When hit, the creatures can teleport to your location and start to eat you for dinner. Take cowl utilizing close by rocks and constructions to keep away from getting stun-locked and killed.

When you’ve reached the bell, sound it and also you’ll obtain the Crimson Seed Talisman +1. Return to Ymir within the cathedral and he’ll be holding a small hand creature. Inform him about your journey and he’ll provide the Beloved Stardust Talisman and Ruins Map (2nd) as a reward. That’s proper, you’ve received one other bell to smooch.  

Exhaust Ymir’s dialogue about Miquella after which communicate to Jolan. She’ll be keen to help you with combating Messmer the Impaler now that you just’ve earned Ymir’s belief. It’s time to go north from the cathedral and make your option to the second ruins. 

The place to seek out the second ruins for Depend Ymir’s questline

To succeed in the second ruins, Finger Ruins of Dheo, you’ll need to entry the Scaduview area. The vast majority of this part takes place within the Specimen Storehouse of the Shadow Hold. There are numerous twists and turns on this space, so seek advice from our information on easy methods to get to Scaduview if you end up operating in circles.

Shadow Hold, Again Entrance to Hinterland

If you happen to’ve adopted our Scaduview information, try to be on the Shadow Hold, Again Entrance Web site of Grace. At first, solely the exit exterior which ends up in Commander Gaius is accessible. However that isn’t the place we’re headed for this questline. The room to the precise of the Web site of Grace has an enormous statue of Marika. Bear in mind the “O Mom” gesture you picked up at Bonny Village? Stand in entrance of the statue and use the “O Mom” gesture and the statue will transfer apart, revealing a secret passage resulting in the Hinterland Web site of Grace.

Hinterland to Hinterland Bridge and Fingerstone Hill

From right here, it’s virtually a straight shot to the Finger Ruins of Dheo. You’ll have to slay or evade two Tree Sentinels alongside the way in which however you shouldn’t have an issue reserving it throughout the bridge to the Hinterland Bridge Web site of Grace. 

Shortly after the bridge, you’ll come throughout the Fingerstone Hill Web site of Grace. Simply as you probably did within the Finger Ruins of Rhia, rigorously evade the stun spells and ring the second bell. You’ll obtain the Cerulean Seed Talisman +1 in your stock. 

Congratulations, from this level onward there gained’t be far more operating round to do, however there might be another bell to work together with. Return to Depend Ymir and he’ll provide you with a Ruins Map (third). Relaxation on the Web site of Grace, and Ymir will transfer to Yuri’s grave exterior. 

The place to seek out the third ruins for Depend Ymir’s questline

With Ymir off of the throne, you’ll have the ability to work together with it to disclose a hidden ladder main under. Put together for fight, as you’ll be invaded by Swordhand of Night time Anna. Defeating her shouldn’t be too troublesome. The attain of her claws will be deceiving as they’re for much longer than they appear. Her Ash of Warfare shoots needles which apply reasonable bleed buildup, so look out for that assault. I merely baited out her leap assaults and punished them with thrusts and leap assaults of my very own. 

After slaying Anna, you’ll obtain her Claws of Night time. It’s possible you’ll be tempted to hurry to the third bell however earlier than doing so, head again as much as the cathedral and communicate with Jolan. Inform her about your encounter with a Swordhand of Night time. She’ll inform you she’s indebted to you, however that Depend Ymir is her “solely star.” 

After you’ve rested on the Web site of Grace to refill your flasks, it’s time to ring the third bell which can ship you right into a boss room. Your opponent is sort of a handful. Mityr, Mom of Fingers is sort of a twisted model of Grasp Hand from Tremendous Smash Bros. A finger-trap would do wonders on this boss.

After you flip Mityr into finger meals, you’ll obtain the Remembrance of the Mom of Fingers– as when you wanted extra fingers in your pockets.

The ultimate battle with Jolan and Depend Ymir

Journey again to the Cathedral of Manus Metyr Web site of Grace and also you’ll be invaded by Swordhand of Night time Jolan. It appears Ymir is disenchanted in you and Jolan is holding her phrase about dealing with enterprise for him. 

Similar to with Anna, Jolan has a brand new DLC weapon with an superior Ash of Warfare. Look out for when she holds her sword out to the aspect, referred to as getting into a stance. The assault is just like the bladestorm that Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader does (the murderer that drops the Black Knife Tiche Spirit Ashes). Her weapon is the Sword of Night time, which you’ll be able to purchase shortly after finishing this questline. 

Make quick work of Jolan and attempt to preserve your flasks. Instantly after her defeat, Ymir himself will present as much as inform you that he’s… the true mom? If you happen to recall, Ymir talked about he’s a glintstone sorcerer; meaning he’s going to be annoying to take care of. He repeatedly teleports across the battlefield doing glintstone sorcerer issues. By now, you’ve fought extra fellas like him than you may rely in your fingers. 

The one factor to look out for is once you get shut and he curls in like he’s charging up an explosion. A circle of fingers spew out from round him dealing heavy harm. I recommend utilizing sprinting or leaping heavy assaults to take him down since in my expertise, he would teleport earlier than I might land a combo. 

After defeating him, you’ll declare the Excessive Priest armor set, the Maternal Workers, and Ymir’s Bell Bearing. Relaxation on the Web site of Grace after which exit to Yuri’s grave. You’ll discover the Cherishing Fingers sorcery, the finger explosion spell that Ymir used.

You may need observed that Jolan is slumped towards the pillar she used to lean towards earlier than. There are two totally different objects you may give her to obtain both the Sword of Night time or her spirit ashes (which begins a questline of its personal). If you wish to study easy methods to mix her spirit ashes together with her sister’s, take a look at our Jolan and Anna spirit ashes information.

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