#Large the Cat fishing minigame information

Large the Cat fishing minigame information

Fishing is completed at particular spots, not in all places

As Sonic zooms right into a semi open-world journey with Sonic Frontiers, the “best hits” of the style comes with it: which features a fishing minigame. However given the historic significance (relying on who you ask) of Large the Cat, you might argue it really matches right here.

Right here’s a fast information on find out how to method fishing within the sport.

Sonic Frontiers: Big Cat fishing minigame guide 1

In Sonic Frontiers, fishing needs to be completed at fish icons on the map

So you may’t simply get a particular fishing rod merchandise and fish wherever on the map: however by that very same token, the minigame doesn’t require you to get a novel fishing rod both. You’ll come throughout particular areas the place you may provoke a minigame, hosted by Large the Cat. It’ll be denoted by a fish icon on the map.

When you’re in, Large will really offer you a fast tutorial on the method, which prices purple fishing cash (which you’ll discover within the sport world). Catching fish will grant you inexperienced “treasure tokens,” that are used on gadgets in Large’s store (extra on that later).

Sonic Frontiers: Big Cat fishing minigame guide 4

The precise fishing minigame is fairly straightforward – simply faucet when the white circle is within the crimson circle

After casting in an space with fish shadows within the water: all you might want to do is press the button on the immediate (X on PlayStation) when the white circle enters the crimson circle. That’s it. Be ready although, as a result of some fish put up an even bigger combat, and require two circle button presses in fast succession. Caught fish will usually convert instantly into treasure tokens: and also you’ll rinse and repeat till you’ve earned sufficient to purchase what you need.

As a substitute of fish, there’s an opportunity you may randomly pull out scrolls. These unlock quick journey on the island you’re on (learn: there are a number of sandboxes/islands) to the Elder or Hermit Kocos (NPCs) of that specific island.

The rewards are literally fairly good

When you earn a couple of treasure tokens, you should purchase stuff based mostly on a couple of choices in Large’s store. Be aware of the little numbers above the precise store choice. That’s your present depend of every little thing in that space, which may affect what you really purchase.

Should you’re searching for development and aren’t having many points with the sport’s problem stage: choosing Portal Gears and Chaos Emerald Vault Keys will get you additional by the story. Egg Memos are type of like BioShock audio logs, and offer you additional story background on Eggman. I might suggest by no means shopping for reminiscence tokens, as they’re one of the widespread collectibles within the sport.


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