#Bloodstained is getting a Youngster of Gentle Ubisoft crossover this month (Replace)

“Bloodstained is getting a Youngster of Gentle Ubisoft crossover this month (Replace)”

Due on March 31, and naturally ‘at a later date on Swap’

After a tease late final 12 months, individuals cracked the code, and acknowledged a delicate flute melody from the Ubisoft sport Youngster of Gentle. And lo and behold, confirmed this morning by 505 Video games, there’s going to be a Bloodstained Youngster of Gentle crossover.

Aurora, the hero from 2014’s Youngster of Gentle, is coming into the fray. She has a lightweight story purpose for being there, having “awoken in a wierd, harmful new land.” She’ll wield the Sword of Matildis from her sport, and will likely be accompanied by the lovable floating blob wisp Igniculus (who will gradual enemies and heal Aurora).

To degree up she will transmute issues by way of the NPC Johannes, and soak up shards over time to improve her skills. Defeating bosses will push her even additional, giving her an identical arc to Miriam the place she will unlock new motion powers to traverse to extra areas.

Fortunately, like some prior DLC, beginning as Aurora is streamlined: you simply begin a brand new save file and select between Miriam, Zangetsu, or Aurora with a useful menu (505 additionally reminds us that deciding on Cold is feasible with naming a save “BLOODLESS” in caps).

In order per ordinary, the crossover character will arrive on March 31 on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms, however not Swap. The latter will arrive “at a later date,” which is code for “every time we will get it even remotely playable.”

[Update: The “later date” Switch edition of the Bloodstained Child of Light crossover has finally come. It was released on June 3, 2022.]

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