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#10 online game franchises that deserve rhythm video games

10 online game franchises that deserve rhythm video games

All of them, really

I’ll by no means say no to a rhythm sport spinoff. I’m, after all, a loud and unashamed fan of the style. I’m all the time down for extra rhythm video games, however I’m particularly keen on titles that recontextualize the music present in different video games. I believe almost each online game would profit from a supplemental mechanical examination of its soundtrack.

However clearly, some franchises are extra suited to rhythm gaming than others. If I have been to make an inventory of the best online game collection soundtracks of all time, it will in all probability embody Metroid and Halo, however these scores aren’t precisely filled with toe-tappers. So whereas I would play a rhythm sport primarily based on completely any soundtrack, I’d like to stipulate the franchises I believe really deserve the Theatrhythm therapy.

10. Shovel Knight

Jake Kaufman is a really prolific and achieved composer. The Shantae collection may simply have made this record, however limiting myself to at least one Kaufman-heavy franchise, I’ve to provide it to Shovel Knight. These video games, from Shovel of Hope to Shovel Knight Dig, emulate the strict and structured chiptunes of the NES period however with extra modern musical stylings. These are excellent rhythm sport soundtracks as a result of they’re secure and rhythmically readable, even to the layman.

Plus, Shovel of Hope has a few tracks by Manami Matsumae, and I felt actually dangerous about leaving Mega Man off this record.

9. Murderer’s Creed

I don’t play Murderer’s Creed fairly often. It’s simply not my cup of tea. However I do hear to Murderer’s Creed fairly repeatedly. A rotating forged of phenomenal composers has introduced an terrible lot of fantastic tracks to life. A whole lot of rating items from the collection’ historical past are so pushed and thumping that I can virtually see the beatmap in entrance of me.

I’m significantly keen on the Murderer’s Creed Odyssey soundtrack, and I’ve discovered myself finger-drumming to the beat of “Legend of the Eagle Bearer” quite a lot of occasions. On the very least, we deserve a shanty-filled Murderer’s Creed IV: Black Flag rhythm spinoff.

8. Undertale

Throughout Undertale and the primary two episodes of Deltarune, collection creator/composer Toby Fox has established a coherent and pleasant sound to accompany his collection’ world. Like Kaufman, Fox performs within the realm of chiptunes, and his are particularly earworm-ish.

A few of Undertale‘s bullet hell moments already really feel like a fastidiously orchestrated dance set to one of many sport’s fantastic battle themes. Concretizing that comparability with a full-throated Undertale rhythm sport can be fairly nice. As an apart, you will get a fairly Undertale-ish rhythm sport expertise out of 2021’s Everhood.

7. Donkey Kong Nation

We’ve gotten fairly near a Donkey Kong Nation rhythm sport up to now – there have been no fewer than three Donkey Konga video games, and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat nearly counts – however there’s by no means been a rhythm sport solely targeted on music from the precise DKC collection.

Throughout the primary three DKC video games, David Smart, Eveline Fischer, and Robin Beanland redefined what Donkey Kong appeared like. Nearly each monitor from the collection is groovy and nice. To me, the gorgeous soundtracks are the primary cause to return to Donkey Kong Nation. A sport devoted to these soundtracks can be a dream.

6. Responsible Gear

The exact inputs combating video games demand make them really feel like pure siblings to rhythm video games, however Responsible Gear feels significantly suited to journey between genres. Music has all the time been central to the franchise—collection creator Daisuke Ishiwatari has composed music for almost each franchise entry, and as of Responsible Gear Attempt, each character has an impartial absolute banger for a theme.

Responsible Gear is indebted to music on almost each stage. Characters like Axl Low take blatant inspiration from real-life rockstars, and there are in all probability extra followers of the Responsible Gear soundtrack than there are followers of the particular collection. A rhythm-based spinoff is an all-too-obvious pitch.

5. Chrono

The Chrono duology will get a little bit of rhythm illustration within the type of DLC for Theatrhythm Last Bar Line, however actually, I’m undecided that that’s sufficient. Chrono Set off and Chrono Cross collectively play host to a few of the best JRPG music round. Yasunori Mitsuda is an unimaginable composer and his work alongside the legendary Nobuo Uematsu elevates the primary sport to unimaginable heights (the second is fairly fantastic, too).

The presence of those soundtracks in Theatrhythm proves that they translate right into a gamified context, so I believe it will be good to see them in their very own sport fully. In the event you’ll allow me to dream for a second, I’d love a rhythm sport incorporating a few of Chrono Set off‘s traditional twin and triple techs.

4. Tremendous Mario

I actually can’t consider this doesn’t exist. In the event you ask a random particular person to hum a tune from a online game, good cash says they’ll go for the primary theme from Tremendous Mario Bros. There’s no denying that the Tremendous Mario collection performs host to some really iconic music.

After The Legend of Zelda acquired its personal Crypt of the Necrodancer-themed rhythm spinoff, I figured Mario, king of the side-game, would comply with shut behind. However by some means, the collection’ soundtrack remains to be restricted to cameo appearances in numerous rhythm video games. I do desire a Mario rhythm sport, however greater than that, I’m simply shocked that there isn’t one but.

3. Celeste

I dig the soundtrack from the unique PICO-8 model of Celeste, however the collection’ sonic id actually got here into view when composer Lena Raine joined the group for the 2018 remake. Raine’s music makes Celeste really feel like a honest musical journey, and that feeling is just enhanced by the sport’s “B-Sides”—harder takes on particular person ranges that includes brilliantly remixed takes on the unique soundtrack.

Raine returned to attain Celeste‘s DLC, Farewell, and he or she additionally wrote a few smaller tracks for the sport’s miniature PICO-8 sequel, Celeste 2: Lani’s Trek. All of this music is phenomenal, and all of it will be as well-suited to a rhythm sport as it’s to a collection of precision platformers.

2. Sonic the Hedgehog

I’m not even gonna write something for this one. Simply take heed to it.

1. Nier

Just like the Chrono video games, the Nier collection can be featured in Theatrhythm Last Bar Line, however it deserves an terrible lot extra. Composer Keiichi Okabe’s work is accountable for not less than a strong 40% of my private fondness for Nier, and I don’t suppose it’s a stretch to name it a few of the finest online game music ever. Okabe’s work is usually melancholy and sophisticated, however it’s additionally continuously catchy and light-weight.

The music of Nier is actually good. I’d like to see it paired with a set of mechanics particularly constructed round it. The one challenge I can see with this plan is that I might in all probability by no means play anything once more.


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