As part of its expanded push to lure more creators across to its platform, with advanced monetization and growth tools, YouTube has today launched its newly refreshed YouTube for Creators website, which provides info on all the key elements of building a YouTube Channel and presence.

YouTube Creator Website

As explained by YouTube:

Whether you’re a new or seasoned creator, you are the driving force behind YouTube. We want to make it easier for you to do what you do best. Along with the official Creators channel, the website will offer expert advice to help tell your story, build your community, and turn your passions into opportunities.”

The new website has been organized into three sections to simplify the listings, and make it easier for creators to find the info they need. The ‘Welcome Creators’ section provides links to YouTube’s policies, and tips on getting started, while YouTube has also included more in-depth overviews of how each element of the channel-building process works, with relevant links to official guides and explainers.

YouTube Creators site

Monetization is a key focus in the refreshed site, with YouTube working to provide more ways for creators to make money with their content, which it sees as a key lever that it can pull to fend off competition from TikTok. Just this week, YouTube announced a new funding program for YouTube Shorts creators which will see the platform pay out up to $10k per month to each individual Shorts publisher based on views and engagement with their clips. 

YouTube’s monetization tools are far more advanced than those available on TikTok, and an important emphasis of this updated Creators’ site is showcasing the various ways that publishers can generate revenue through the app, which may help to sway more creators towards YouTube instead, ideally bringing their large audiences with them.

YouTube Creator Website

Of course, TikTok is working to address this, by adding in new commerce tools and brand partnership options to facilitate creator growth. But for now at least, YouTube has a significant advantage in this respect. The updated site looks to showcase this, as part of its creator growth focus.

The platform also includes links to various guides and case studies, as well as a comprehensive FAQ section that covers a range of key elements.

YouTube creator site

There’s some good info and insight here, and if you’re looking to build your YouTube presence, it’s definitely worth a look.

You can check out the updated YouTube for Creators website here