YouTube is looking to take its presence to the next level with the opening of its new YouTube Theater for business, a 6,000 seat performance venue, located in Inglewood, California, where it plans to host a variety of live entertainment events.

That’s a very old-school commercial for a contemporary online company — “where soaring steel meets dazzling glass…” is a quote from the 1990s.

Putting clichés aside, YouTube intends to use this new physical space to hold a variety of live events, including concerts, theatrical performances, award ceremonies, and eSports tournaments.

It has the potential to become a major convention center as well. I mean, maybe not right now, given the continuing epidemic, but in the long run, YouTube Theater might become a significant venue for corporate events, with the ability to connect back to YouTube’s app and tools, which would provide extra capacity to optimize reach with your content.

The facility does indeed have live-streaming capabilities built into the infrastructure, as noted by YouTube, “allowing artists to live-stream their performances to billions of YouTube viewers around the world.”

It’s an intriguing extension of YouTube’s online presence, as well as a tangible sign of the app’s increasing popularity and prominence. Given that YouTube is already almost omnipresent, it isn’t surprising to see it take on physical shape in this way. However, the move into a physical location seems to be a major statement, underscoring the app’s position as one of the most important entertainment and event tools available anywhere in the globe today.

Watching what events YouTube Theater organizes and how the in-built video infrastructure converts into future YouTube clips will be fascinating.

The first event planned at the venue is the Hollywood Black Comedy Festival, which begins on September 3rd, while YouTube will also soon announce its inaugural “artist residency” for the space, which will reportedly feature “one of today’s most popular music groups.”