Do you understand the rising interest in ‘Cottagecore’, or the growth of ‘Bardcore’ subcultures online?

Even if you’ve heard of these niches, you likely don’t have a full understanding of what they mean, and the context from which they’ve emerged, which is where YouTube’s latest culture and trends report comes in. In collaboration with visual storytelling studio Polygraph, YouTube has created a new, interactive report into aesthetic trends, and how YouTubers, specifically, engage with such content.

As explained by YouTube:

“Despite the fact that identity-seeking is one of the most fundamental goals of every young culture, for Generation Z, identity is a journey rather than a destination. Creating identities for online environments, where identity is ephemeral by design, has become second nature to this generation as they have grown up. YouTube is an excellent resource for those who want to learn how to adopt and adapt aesthetics that they are interested in learning about.”

The study highlights six main aesthetic trends, including the aforementioned Cottagecore and Bardcore, as well as ‘Dark Academia’, ‘Dreamcore’, ‘Royaltycore’, and ‘Y2K’. Cottagecore and Bardcore are two of the themes highlighted in the paper.

YouTube Aesthetics report

Each trend also contains a brief description of the trend, as well as links to pertinent YouTube videos.

As an illustration:

“Y2K is an aesthetic that is based on the look of the late 1990s and early 2000s, a time when the internet was clunky and raw, but most importantly, a time when it was possible to turn it off. The post-millennium aesthetic comes in a variety of variations, ranging from boy-band fangirl-inspired outfits to Juicy tracksuits from the Paris Hilton period.”

I was unaware of this – and for those of us who are too elderly to be on the cutting edge of the current fashions, such as myself, it may be a useful way to catch up on some of these burgeoning hobbies and have a better knowledge of where they came from.

Also included is an analysis of the rise in popularity of aesthetic guides on YouTube, which give insight into how to participate with each trend.

YouTube Aesthetics report

While the video clips associated with each genre provide more particular insight into the relative aspects of interest in each trend, the video clips associated with each trend also provide more general information into the relative elements of interest in each trend.

YouTube Aesthetics report

As previously said, it may be a great tool for improving your own personal awareness of these rapidly growing interest areas, while for companies, it could be a useful research tool for determining where different audience types are interacting and what sorts of material they are reacting to.

In order to better comprehend the Cottagecore style, which includes flowing dresses and lace, you may utilize this guide to gain a more in-depth understanding of the subject matter before delving in fully (and potentially misstepping).

No matter what you believe, it is intriguing, and it may have special worth depending on your objectives.

You can check out YouTube’s “Rise of Aesthetics” interactive report here.