#You’ll be able to hatch a Rowlet in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

You’ll be able to hatch a Rowlet in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Get Decidueye for limitless child owls

Yo Destructoid, it’s ya boy Tim “The Poké-man” Monbleau, filling in for Chris Carter with an essential PSA. I do know y’all can’t sleep till we report whether or not the most recent 7-Star Raid Pokemon can breed or not, and I’m right here to ship you the excellent news. Decidueye can, the truth is, lay eggs. Right here’s what it is advisable do.

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Deliver Decidueye and Ditto to a picnic

Identical to with Greninja and Cinderace, you will get a Rowlet egg by bringing Decidueye and Ditto to a picnic. For finest outcomes, take away all different Pokemon out of your celebration to make sure Rowlet will seem as an egg. This successfully circumvents the “just one Decidueye might be caught per save file” rule of the 7-Star raid, although child Rowlet gained’t have the Mightiest Mark title. Use this trick to hook your mates up with Decidueye in the event that they miss the occasion!

For extra data, take a look at our information to seek out Ditto right here. We even have an in depth information on egg hatching right here. Should you plan to hatch loads of eggs, take into account getting a Pokemon with the Flame Physique capability as properly. I’ve possibly written an excessive amount of about this online game.

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In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Rowlet nonetheless evolves into Dartrix at degree 17, and Decidueye at degree 34

As all the time, all it is advisable evolve your Rowlet is nice outdated degree grinding. For finest outcomes, use your EXP candies on Rowlet to degree it up quick. Should you’ve run the 7-Star Decidueye Raid, there’s a very good likelihood you could have quite a lot of EXP objects to spare.

This has been your Tim “The Poké-man” Monbleau PSA of the day. Relaxation simple with this precious data in your noggin.


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