If so, is LinkedIn a component of your overall digital marketing strategy?

Over the previous two years, LinkedIn has achieved record levels of engagement growth, with the epidemic driving even more professionals to connect on the platform through its growing meeting, publishing, and ad features. It’s absolutely worth considering.

Underlining this, this week, LinkedIn has published a new infographic of key platform growth stats, which provide some additional insight into where it’s gaining traction, and what users are doing in the app.

Among the key notes:

  • LinkedIn’s ad business has grown more than 5x over the past five years, and surpassed $1 billion in revenue this quarter for the first time (+97% year over year)
  • Use of LinkedIn live streams has increased 89% since March 2020
  • 58 million companies have established brand communities on the platform

In addition, the image depicts LinkedIn’s new official member count of 774 million, which represents an increase from 740 million in February.

Membership isn’t the same as active usage, of course, but it’s apparent that LinkedIn is garnering attention in a number of different ways.

Check out the full infographic below.

LinkedIn stats