#What or who’s Pouka in Future 2: Lightfall lore?

What or who’s Pouka in Future 2: Lightfall lore?

Mysterious Mechanical Creatures

Future 2‘s mysterious creature, the Pouka, has been topic to a lot hypothesis ever since one was first seen again in early 2020. They’ve not been sighted a lot since then, however Bungie has launched a Pouka figurine with the Collector’s Version model of Lightfall. As proven off in pre-release trailers, lore books, and Lightfall advertising and marketing supplies, Poukas will probably be way more outstanding all through this marketing campaign.

Nonetheless, there stays restricted details about them. We’ve explored the lore books and trailers to find all there may be to find out about these new mysterious mechanical creatures that may very well be seen floating round Neomuna on February 28.

What’s a Pouka?

Picture by way of Bungie

The Pouka is a small airborne mechanical creature that barely resembles a fish or butterfly, and the one we’re accustomed to spends its time accompanying Elisabeth Bray, also referred to as the Exo Stranger. Wanting on the lore for the pre-order bonus weapon Quicksilver Storm reveals that it’s a juvenile Pouka, and this might trace in direction of the Pouka being a local species to Neptune or Neomuna particularly. The Exo Stranger discovers the Pouka on an deserted house station in orbit towards Pluto.

Within the Season of Arrivals in mid-2020, Eris Morn noticed a Pouka hanging round her camp and mistook it for a Ghost. The Drifter is thought to lack belief within the Pouka, as he and Eris found it on the Past camp on Europa, alone. Till now, no additional info had been out there concerning the Pouka, however within the lore guide Bitter from the Lightfall collector’s version, there lies some attention-grabbing info.

Pre-order bonuses

Screenshot by Destructoid

The Quicksilver Storm auto rifle and the Pace Metallic ghost shell are unique pre-order gadgets for Lightfall and maintain some vital details about the Pouka. In these lore entries, the Exo Stranger is exploring the outer reaches of the photo voltaic system and discovers the deserted house station close to Pluto. When she enters, she discovers fashionable gear and an enormous human handprint which we assume belonged to a Cloudstrider, the native race of Neomuna.

She then discovers a ghost named Tokki who was on the house station seeking to resurrect their very own Guardian. Tokki reveals the Exo Stranger a number of issues together with some superior expertise and “nanomachines” that she has crafted into her personal ghost shell, earlier than introducing her to the Pouka. The Exo Stranger may be very intrigued by the nanomachines as she’s by no means seen something prefer it, however can’t get them to perform till the Pouka registers her within the machine’s techniques.

Quicksilver Storm

Destiny 2 Quicksilver Storm
Picture by way of Bungie

Within the Quicksilver Storm in-game lore, the Exo Stranger says, “Somebody on the market has a weapon I’ve by no means seen earlier than, don’t perceive, and don’t know the way to defend towards. The closest factor we’ve seen to that is SIVA, and these bugs are up to now past that.” The Pouka then registers Elsie Bray — the Exo Stranger — as a brand new person, permitting her to analyze the found weapon additional. She pulls the set off, which causes the Pouka to emit a misery name. Since Elsie discovered the large handprint, we will additionally assume this superior expertise is linked to the Cloudstriders, too.

Collector’s Version

Destiny 2 Lightfall Collector's Edition
Picture by way of Bungie

Within the Collector’s Version lore, this story continues. Elsie takes Tokki and the Pouka along with her after leaving the station however Tokki departs later to proceed looking for their Guardian. Elsie is then alone with the Pouka and after a while she learns that she will be able to use it to start to relive outdated recollections. Within the lore guide Bitter, Elsie relives recollections which can be indicated with an emotion comparable to satisfaction. Elsie turns into keen on the Pouka after this level, referring to it as a “discipline therapist” and her “pet”. The Exo Stranger has lived by many time loops, so she finds the Pouka invaluable because it helps her to relive previous recollections and kind by them.

Rediscovering Stasis

Destiny 2 Stasis
Future 2 Stasis

That is additionally how the Exo Stranger rediscovers Stasis. Elsie vaguely remembers utilizing Stasis in earlier time loops however can’t bear in mind how she started to wield it. Through the use of the Pouka to look by her previous recollections she discovers that beforehand, another person at all times discovered Stasis earlier than her however was corrupted by it. This time, she vows to be the primary and visits the Pyramid ship on Europa. Within the lore guide Bitter, the pyramid appears to pay attention to Elsie’s time loops and that she is “too early” this time. This might imply that the saga’s scariest protagonist, The Witness, is conscious of Elsie’s time loops too.

As Elsie makes an attempt to assert Stasis from the pyramid it manifests a Nightmare of Ana, her sister, to torment her. Persevering with within the Bitter lore guide it reads, “The Europan Pyramid pressed shapes into her coronary heart the identical manner Pouka might, however the molds it solid have been deeper and extra pressing.” After tormenting her, Elsie manages to interrupt the Nightmare’s bond. “The Pyramid’s reward for setting up this revenant was a grand imitation of Pouka’s reward,” the guide reads.

This suggests that the Pouka is so highly effective at uncovering recollections that the Pyramid doesn’t part the Exo Stranger, even when imitating her sister. Bungie has a theme that Darkness is about reminiscence and remembering and the Gentle is about forgetting, which means that the Pouka is extra intently aligned with the Darkness. The Pouka guided Elsie by the Pyramid ship by avoiding the “swimming pools of Darkness” in addition to serving to her to uncover her recollections on the way to uncover and wield Stasis.


Since Stasis and Strand are each Darkness subclasses, it stays to be seen whether or not the Pouka will grow to be vital in studying the way to uncover and wield Strand. Strand is about “consciousness” and requires Strand to entry the weave, one thing which connects all residing beings. On the subject of Darkness, the lore reveals that Elsie realizes that Stasis is harnessed by her need to regulate and debates how Darkness would reply if it may very well be wielded with different feelings. “What different talents – what shapes and instruments – may very well be cast by deference? Or compassion?” she ponders.

If Stasis is linked to controlling, then what’s Strand linked to? In a trailer proven at The Sport Awards 2022, Osiris mentions that quite than utilizing energy he has discovered to make use of energy by loss. “By loss, we will overcome the unimaginable,” he says. You’ll be able to see that timestamped above. Is the Pouka about to assist us uncover the Strand subclass by its powers?

Solely time will inform, as Lightfall releases on February 28 for PC, Xbox and PlayStation.


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