#Vampire Survivors has cheat codes for secret characters and different unlocks

Vampire Survivors has cheat codes for secret characters and different unlocks

The Forbidden Scrolls will allow you to enter codes, however first, it’s essential beat a ball of bones

Vampire Survivors incorporates actually wacky secrets and techniques, a few of which I’d by no means discover with out the group’s guiding hand. Regardless that it’s enjoyable to catch as much as the newest patches, I’ll admit, sure hidden characters have remained elusive to the purpose the place I’ve form of misplaced hope. Now, with a brand new unlockable known as The Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane, it’s potential to enter cheat codes to open up a bunch of stuff, together with the trickiest secret characters.

That’s proper — it’s Morbane time.

**Spoilers beneath**

With Vampire Survivors patch 0.10, The Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane relic was added to The Bone Zone, and to face an opportunity of discovering it, you’ll need the Milky Manner Map.

With the map, you possibly can pause the sport and you need to see a white query mark beneath the extent’s spawn level. Head there once you’re prepared for a struggle — some gamers want to replenish, however I rushed down there. You’ll come throughout a rolling ball of bones, and in the event you can whittle it away with out the encroaching skeleton military taking you out, you’ll choose up the Forbidden Scrolls. This relic unlocks a “Secrets and techniques” possibility on the primary menu.

To enter a code, simply click on on the clean “Solid Spell” field and begin typing.

Alternatively, on the left, you possibly can scroll by means of an inventory of a dozen hints that vaguely recommend the right way to manually unlock the key characters in Vampire Survivors.

The sport builders have shared an inventory of cheat codes.

Secret character codes

  • secondevolution (Gyorunton)
  • earrivatolarrotino (Huge Trouser)
  • lhovistoio (Cosmo Pavone)
  • fettinepanate (Boon Marrabbio)
  • iwillneverletyouforgetaboutme (Leda)
  • pinociampino (Peppino)
  • highfive (Positive factors Boros)
  • ablasphemousmockery (Masks of the Pink Demise)
  • foldinthecheese (Minnah)
  • exdashexoneviiq (Exdash)
  • tramezzini (Toastie if Exdash is already unlocked)

When you’re caught on the clue “generally you simply must ask for assist,” that entry is speaking about Smith IV, a ghost. With Exdash and Toastie unlocked, you may get Smith by:

  • Typing “spam” on the primary menu, then rapidly…
  • Typing “spam” once more on the character choice display screen
  • Typing “spam” a 3rd time on the stage choose display screen
  • Beginning the run and typing “humbug”
  • Quitting out of the run

It took me just a few tries to get it proper. Right here’s a video walkthrough, if wanted.

The opposite codes might not be helpful in the event you’re deep in Vampire Survivors, however right here they’re.

Exdash in Vampire Survivors

Relic codes

  • thisshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefault (Grim Grimoire)
  • thistooshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefault (Ars Gouda)
  • leadmetothecheese (Milky Manner Map)
  • eggseggseggs (Glass Vizard)
  • teleportustomars (Mindbender)
  • randomazzami (Randomazzo + Arcana VI)
  • icanhearthecriesofcaptainplanet (Nice Gospel)
  • thankelrond (Magic Banger)
  • timecompression (Sorceress Tears)
  • ihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenit (Yellow Signal)

The creator of Vampire Survivors is laughing at us with that final one.

Stage codes

  • relaxenjoylife (Il Molise)
  • honesty (Moongolow)
  • dotgogreenacres (Inexperienced Acres)
  • rottingpizza (The Bone Zone)
  • peakgamedesign (Boss Rash)

Important character codes

  • noneladonna (Arca Ladonna)
  • vivaladonna (Porta Ladonna)
  • superladonna (Lama Ladonna)
  • strongestcharacter (Poe Ratcho)
  • bioparco (Dommario)
  • faschiuma (Suor Clerici)
  • accidenti (Krochi Freetto)
  • crystalmakeup (Christine Davain)
  • yattapanda (Yatta Cavallo)
  • carramba (Bianca Ramba)
  • reset (O’Sole Meeo)
  • languorino (Sir Ambrojoe)

Further codes

I genuinely didn’t suppose I used to be going to get the three ghosts by myself, so it’s good to lastly have them within the assortment. I really feel no guilt about unlocking them the simple method.


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