#Vampire Survivors has a tricky new Boss Rash mode in patch 0.9

“Vampire Survivors has a tricky new Boss Rash mode in patch 0.9”

Or, because the builders put it within the recreation menu, a ‘problem of recycled property’

With patches rolling out on a regular basis, staying caught up with Vampire Survivors hasn’t been straightforward, but it surely’s been enjoyable just about each step of the way in which. The brand new content material in patch 0.9 feels a bit on the sunshine aspect from the surface trying in, but if you truly strive it out, it’s memorable. The largest addition is Boss Rash, an arena-based survival mode. If you happen to can survive quarter-hour, you’ll have the ability to unlock a splendidly unusual new character.

Earlier than you possibly can enter Boss Rash, you’ll first must unlock Hyper Mode on the 5 common phases — Mad Forest, Inlaid Library, Dairy Plant, Gallo Tower, and Cappella Magna. Hyper Mode will open up when you slay the boss that seems on the 25-minute mark on these phases; should you’ve been an avid Vampire Survivors participant, you ought to be good to go.

I already had each Hyper Mode able to go earlier than patch 0.9 confirmed up, however to make Boss Rash seem, I wanted to play a match after which give up out. That did the trick.

Earlier than I’m going into any extra specifics, there’s one good-to-know tidbit to cowl.

Going ahead, save information shall be positioned in %APPDATA%/Vampire_Survivors_Data — this variation is supposed to “keep away from Cloud conflicts and points on Steam Deck.”

**Spoilers under**

If you wish to be as environment friendly as doable (and also you’re feeling assured), strive enjoying Boss Rash with just one weapon utilizing the “Max Weapons” toggle — that’s the standards for the brand new character, Gyorunton, who wields a Bracelet. It appears like a long-lost Pokémon!

Vampire Survivors Gyorunton
Why are you so cute???

As a lot as I like this colourful character design, I’m not bought on the projectile Bracelet, which evolves right into a Bi- after which Tri-Bracelet with no need to pair it with an merchandise.

Vampire Survivors patch 0.9 additionally brings two new arcanas: Twilight Requiem (unlocked by reaching degree 99 as Dommario) and Gemini (attain degree 99 as Pugnala). The previous generates explosions when sure weapons expire, and the latter creates a counterpart for Peachone, Ebony Wings, Phiera Der Tuphello, and Eight the Sparrow.

Boss Rash is the clear spotlight. The ultimate moments are difficult, even with a beefed-up character. You’ll need to face a number of reapers — even the massive boss — in an uncomfortably tight house. Granted, for egg-hoarding grinders on the market, it’ll be a breeze. However I narrowly made it to the 15-minute mark with revives lending a last-second hand.

Not for much longer now, proper? 1.0 feels shut.

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