#Valve catches, bans over 40,000 Dota 2 cheaters with honeypot patch

Valve catches, bans over 40,000 Dota 2 cheaters with honeypot patch

Strolling proper over the minefield signal

Valve confirms it has completely banned over 40,000 accounts related to a identified cheat in Dota 2. And it did so by making a entice laid particularly simply to lure customers of that particular cheat out.

In a weblog entitled “Cheaters Will By no means Be Welcome in Dota,” Valve outlines how precisely this got here to be. The corporate doesn’t title the cheat or what it did, however does affirm that the software program was in a position to entry data used internally by the Dota 2 shopper that “wasn’t seen throughout regular gameplay.”

Although fixing the cheat was necessary, Valve additionally determined to take away these utilizing the cheat from the lively playerbase. In order quickly because the studio understood the methodology behind the cheat, Valve issued a patch that created a honeypot. A bit of sport knowledge contained in the shopper would by no means be learn throughout regular gameplay, however it might be learn by the cheats.

As you may think, this cordoned-off space created a ledger of customers who had been utilizing the exploit. Valve says it has “extraordinarily excessive confidence” that each ban was “well-deserved.”

The continuing combat with cheats

As Valve highlights, the tussle between builders and cheat-creators wages ever-on within the shadows. Whereas some efforts get the highlight, particularly after they head to courtroom, it’s fascinating to see behind the scenes a bit on how Valve recognized and trapped a bunch of cheat-users.

“We anticipate that some gamers will proceed to develop and use new exploits, to proceed to attempt to acquire unfair benefits on the expense of different gamers,” reads right this moment’s weblog. “As earlier than, we’ll proceed to detect and take away these exploits as they arrive, and proceed to ban customers who cheat.”

Proper now, the Dota 2 Lima Main is going down, and a new replace is about to be unveiled on March 6. For individuals who determine to leap again in, they will achieve this realizing there are roughly 40,000 much less cheaters within the pool.


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