As part of its ongoing integration of newsletter platform Revue into its systems, Twitter has added a new button to Revue authors’ Twitter accounts that allows people to sign up for their newsletters directly from within the application.

You can see in this example that all Revue creators may now include a newsletter panel on their Twitter profile, complete with a conspicuous ‘Subscribe’ call to action (CTA).

As explained by Revue:

“Because Revue makes it simple and inexpensive for anybody to create and distribute newsletters, we want to make it just as simple for you to convert your Twitter followers into subscribers. The functionality will be available to the test group on Android and the web, with iOS to come shortly after.”

Following the acquisition of Revue by Twitter in January of this year, the company conducted an early test of the feature with a small number of Revue producers in June. This was the first big integration step following the acquisition. The acquisition itself is part of Twitter’s wider drive to increase the number of revenue alternatives available to creators in an effort to increase platform usage. Twitter is also developing subscription alternatives for its ‘Super Follow’ creators, as well as on-profile tipping and ticketed Spaces, among other new direct revenue-generation projects for users.

In essence, the integration of Revue will give Twitter users with a way to grow their communities while also promoting their increased content offerings directly on the social media network.

Twitter’s development of additional business tools, which will ultimately allow businesses to exhibit numerous product and contact information components on their twitter presence, is also mentioned in the new panel.

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In light of the fact that it has been in testing for some time, this is not a very significant news, but it is another step in Twitter’s larger growth as a platform for creative promotion.

Will this lead to an increase in the number of creators who use Twitter on a regular basis? The answer to this question is difficult to predict, however it is worth noting that Twitter has historically not been a significant engine of referral traffic for most websites, which might indicate that this will not become a significant source of access for newsletters.

Another connecting mechanism, though, may be beneficial in increasing take-up, since Revue users will now have another route to attract readers across from their platform.