With the Paralympics beginning this week, Twitter has announced a new set of features to help users engage with the event, and follow along with the latest updates.

First off, as has become customary for Twitter, the platform is adding a new hashflag for tweets that use the #Paralympics hashtag.

Twitter will also provide a series of custom emojis for specific sports, while the emojis it added for the Olympics, which unlock when people Tweet #Gold, #Silver or #Bronze, will also remain in effect for the event.

Users can also use their three-character country codes to activate flag emojis for each nation, providing another way to show support.

Twitter will also maintain its #Tokyo2020 event display within Explore to highlight the latest Paralympic news and updates.

In addition to this, Twitter’s also looking to help amplify the #WeThe15 campaign, which aims to highlight the 1.2 billion people globally who live with a disability.

As per Twitter:

“People on Twitter may follow @WeThe15 and use relevant hashtags to listen in on and participate in conversations from across the world, where about 15 percent of the population has a handicap. The hashtag #WeThe15 is accessible in 17 languages, and supporters are encouraged to change their Twitter profiles to express their support.”

Users on Twitter may show their support by adding a WeThe15 frame to their Twitter profile image, adding a purple heart to their display name, or using the hashtag #WeThe15 in their biography.

Olympic and Paralympic Games continue to be significant events for athletes despite a variety of interruptions and consequences. They also serve a vital role in collecting funds for athletes, enhancing the reputation of individual athletes, and raising awareness for a variety of issues. As a result, it’s critical that social media platforms strive to give tools like these to assist promote awareness of the Paralympic Games, which are particularly essential in the case of the Games.