Twitter is continuing to extend its audio Spaces service, this time with the inclusion of a new option to grow your Spaces audience, even if you don’t have a Twitter account.

Non-Twitter users will now be able to tune in when you post a link to a Spaces broadcast, according to Twitter, giving you new possibilities to expose your audio broadcasts to a broader audience, both inside and outside the app.

Non-Twitter users are unable to participate in the Spaces chat – they cannot be invited as guests or respond to the conversation. However, it may be of more use, as your shared Spaces links now have value outside of the app, allowing you to share them with all of your contacts and invite them to listen to your Spaces discussions.

It’s the newest discovery feature for Spaces, which is the core feature that Twitter is working to improve in order to make Spaces a more important part of the app.

Apart from working on its dedicated Spaces tab, which is gradually being rolled out to more users, Twitter has also added topics for Spaces to alert users to discussions related to their interests, and it’s now highlighting trending Spaces chats in the Explore tab, exposing these popular sessions to a much larger potential audience.

Twitter has also begun to roll out Spaces recordings, giving users the ability to listen to previous broadcasts and increasing the exposure and value of Spaces talks.

It’s too early to say if Spaces will become a fundamental part of the Twitter experience, but Twitter needs discovery features like this to maximize visibility and get as many people as possible tuned in and testing out the option.

However, as Clubhouse has shown, continuous exploration is essential. It’s one thing to locate a fun audio discussion to listen to; it’s quite another to regularly find audio material anytime you want to listen in, which is the true value-add that will make audio social a genuinely valued product.

No platform has completely nailed this yet, but as you can see, Twitter is working hard on it, which will help to increase the value of Spaces for more people.