It’s been working on it for a couple of months, and now, Twitter has launched its new co-hosting option for Spaces, providing another option for managing your audio chats.

Twitter Spaces co-hosting

As you can see in this sequence, Spaces hosts will now be able to easily add co-hosts from the ‘Guests’ tab at the bottom of the Spaces screen. Within that tab, you’ll see a new ‘Invite co-hosts’ option highlighted in blue, which, when tapped, will enable you to search through those attending your Space and add that user as a partner host.

You’ll be able to add a maximum of two co-hosts to each Space, which will give them the capacity to invite speakers, manage requests within the Space and pin Tweets. Co-hosts will also be able to remove guests – so really, it’s a perfect supplementary admin tool, and if you’re going to host a massive Space, with a heap of attendees, then having two additional hands to moderate and direct the discussion could be a major help in the process.

It could be especially handy for brands looking to run Spaces, with more capacity to manage the discussion, fend off spammers, and keep things civil in the chat. Even the basic ability to pin tweets could be big in this regard, enabling your co-host to add contextual elements into the discussion in order to better illustrate key points, without the speaker having to be distracted from the presentation task.

As noted, Twitter first announced that co-hosts for Spaces were coming back in March, in response to user requests. It’s taken a couple of months to develop, but even that is significantly faster than Twitter’s traditional dev cycle, or at least what it has been in times past. And with the platform now looking to press its advantage over Clubhouse on this front, it makes sense for Twitter to iterate quickly, and ensure that it’s meeting user demand to help maximize Spaces usage (note: Clubhouse also has a co-moderator feature which is essentially the same in practice).

Clubhouse growth had slowed significantly over the last few months, though it is now seeing an uptick following the launch of its Android app and the removal of its invite-only restriction. Earlier in the week, Clubhouse reported that it’s now facilitating 600,000 rooms per day in the app, up from 300,000 back in May, which underlines the enduring interest in audio engagement.

Which Twitter will now be looking to double-down on.

With the removal of Fleets earlier this week, that opens the door for further promotion of Spaces, with the top of feed Fleets ‘line’ to soon become the ‘Space bar‘ instead (Twitter’s description, not mine), which will highlight in-progress Spaces in real-time.

Twitter will then follow that up with its dedicated Spaces tab, as it looks to maximize the potential of the option.

Spaces tab

There’s no official roll-out plan for this as yet, but clearly, Twitter is looking to make Spaces a key focus, and every addition and development will help to boost Spaces usage, and amplify the function’s presence and reach.

Which will make it that little bit harder for Clubhouse to maintain its growth, and it’ll be interesting to see just how significant the audio social trend will be over time, especially as the vaccine push continues and more regions are able to open back-up and return to in-person engagement.