#Try Avenue Fighter 6 star Manon in her newest matchup – Destructoid

Try Avenue Fighter 6 star Manon in her newest matchup – Destructoid

Strut Your Stuff

In case you have your eye on Avenue Fighter 6 newcomer Manon, you then aren’t alone, because the dancer, mannequin, and martial arts grasp has turned quite a lot of heads since she made her presence referred to as a part of the upcoming scrapper’s roster — Capcom launched a brand new matchup of the French fighter in motion, alongside the debut of her in-game theme.

You may take a look at the struggle above, which sees Manon severely outweighed and outgunned by one other SF6 newcomer, Marisa. Nonetheless, with a  mastery of poise and steadiness, in addition to her innate acrobatic skill, Manon nonetheless manages to get greater than her fair proportion of licks in — demonstrating her misleading attain, a physics-defying arsenal of grabs and throws, and a frankly weird “splits-slide”.

Manon is certainly shaping as much as be one in every of SF6‘s most attention-grabbing newcomers, from each a design and gameplay perspective.

Manon’s theme, “Stroll With Grace” is a clean, fashionable effort, clearly composed to mirror not solely the character’s persona but additionally the numerous strings in her proficient bow. The tune begins out with a melody as mysterious and as intriguing as the girl herself, earlier than transitioning to a rhythmic “stride” — a beat that conjures up visions of assured fashions powerfully marching down a catwalk, or the pink carpet. As a hybrid celebrity, Manon has been afforded a tune that may be a mix of her abilities, synergizing collectively her superstar standing, her swish movement, and her pure, considerably aloof, sense of thriller.

Avenue Fighter 6 launches June 2 on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox. Make sure you take a look at the themes for Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke, and Jamie, Juri and Kimberly, and Blanka and Dhalsim, in our earlier articles.


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