#Tips on how to beat Asura Guardians information

Tips on how to beat Asura Guardians information

They’re the primary miniboss you’ll discover in Sonic Frontiers

For probably the most half, Sonic Frontiers enemies could be damaged down into three silos: large bosses on the finish of an island/space, minibosses, and common enemies. Guardians will function mentioned minibosses, who typically grant gamers with gears you could then use to unlock Cyber Area ranges (which offer vault keys for Chaos Emeralds).

Naturally, you’ll be preventing a whole lot of Guardians, together with the Asura kind, that are coincidentally the “first actual miniboss” you’ll encounter in the beginning of the primary island: after the tutorial miniboss.

Sonic Frontiers: How to beat Asura Guardians guide 2

Getting on prime of the Asura Guardian

Like a number of different gigantic enemies in Sonic Frontiers, it’s possible you’ll want to attend for them to truly attempt to assault you: then run up one in every of their appendages. On this case, it’s the Asura’s arm you’re going to be searching for.

After the arm slams down increase up into the blue rings, which can propel you towards the Asura’s head: the place the actual injury could be dealt. In the event you get shaken off, attempt to increase with R2/RT to get some air, and keep on the Asura’s head.

Sonic Frontiers: How to beat Asura Guardians guide 3

Taking out the three towers

When you’re on prime, you are able to do precise injury to the Asura Guardian. The areas you’re going to be aiming for are the three monoliths/spires, which might take a certain quantity of injury earlier than being destroyed. As soon as every one goes down, the top will change into more and more armed with extra defenses (together with rings round every spire, and projectiles).

The simplest approach to dodge/keep away from all of that is to simply assault the spires with a ranged capability. Sonic earns one very early on that permits gamers to carry the L2/LT button and kind of “kick” vitality blasts at enemies (just like the display screen above). Doing that outdoors of the safety laser grid will allow you to blast every spire safely.

When Asura tries to shake you off, instantly double soar within the air and increase (once more, R2/RT) to attempt to stick round with out falling to the bottom. In the event you do fall off, repeat the steps above to get again on the Asura’s head.


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