As the vaccine rollout proceeds and more individuals look ahead to a post-COVID future, LinkedIn is seeing an increase in interaction as professionals explore their next opportunity and companies seek expert guidance to assist their strategy..

Indeed, LinkedIn currently has 774 million users, with three new members joining the network every second. The platform has also reported’record levels of engagement’ for five consecutive quarters, highlighting the significance of this market potential.

Additionally, it opens up new chances for freelancers to connect with relevant opportunities – provided they do it correctly and take advantage of LinkedIn’s different capabilities to assist guarantee their presence shines out and they connect in the most effective way.

Fortunately, LinkedIn has launched a few tools to aid you with this process – here is a look at three of the most recent LinkedIn features that can help you improve your platform performance.

1. LinkedIn Service Page

LinkedIn first introduced Services listings on freelancer profiles in 2019, but it has lately modified the way they are displayed to make them an even more useful factor for potential clients.

Here’s an example of Matt Navarra‘s services page:

LinkedIn Services Page example

In addition to a more focused focus on the services offered, the revised Services page style offers a new ‘Reviews’ option for displaying client testimonials, as you can see in the screenshot above.

Your LinkedIn Services page may help you promote your company’s offerings while also connecting you with new customers – all for free.

A Services page:

  • Connects you with LinkedIn members looking for your services
  • Enabless potential clients to contact you for free, even if you’re not connected
  • Enables you to receive business inquiries from LinkedIn members outside of your network
  • Helps you get found through service searches on LinkedIn

Here’s a look at my LinkedIn Service Page:

LinkedIn Service Page

Tips to maximize your free LinkedIn Service Page:

  • Choose up to 10 services provided
  • Complete the ‘About’ section to let potential clients know more about what you offer (you can use up to 500 characters)
  • Add work location – You can choose your current location as well as the option “I am available to work remotely”
  • Once you’ve set up your LinkedIn Service Page, share it as a post to let your network know you’re #OpenForBusiness or share it in a message.

For more info on how to set up your own LinkedIn Services page, check out this overview from LinkedIn.

2. LinkedIn Service Page Reviews

As previously mentioned, LinkedIn has included a new ‘Reviews’ area to its Services page choices, which allows you to highlight favorable client testimonials, which may be another effective method to market your company’s products.

You may seek reviews from former clients using the LinkedIn procedure, which will initially provide you 20 credits for completing the request for reviews process (this will ensure people are not inundated with review requests on the platform).

I extended a ‘invitation to review’ to one of our valued clients in order to put this functionality through its paces. Here’s what it looks like:

Tips to maximize your LinkedIn Service Page Reviews:

  • As noted, you’re allowed to invite up to 20 clients to review your services
  • You can withdraw a sent ‘invite to review’ and get the credit back, enabling you to invite another client instead
  • Check the ‘Service Page Reviews Status’ to manage your review invitations. You can also message them to remind them about the review request, or as noted, you can withdraw the invite.

3. LinkedIn Video Meetings

The social media platform LinkedIn has introduced a new native video meeting feature, which allows you to initiate a video discussion directly from your LinkedIn messaging threads.

LinkedIn video meeting

You may use this tool to have face-to-face video meetings with potential clients in real time, which will help you establish a stronger relationship and trust.

Tips to maximize native LinkedIn Video Meetings:

  • Currently, native LinkedIn video meetings enable you to host one-on-one video chats. LinkedIn will soon add the ability to host group video meetings.
  • Send an instant meeting link or schedule a meeting for another date.

For group video meetings, you can choose from other video meeting providers supported by LinkedIn, including MS Teams or Zoom.

Wrapping Up

There are new features being added to LinkedIn all the time, and the most recent improvements to both its Service Pages and video capabilities can give you with new opportunities to strengthen connections and raise awareness with potential clients.

In order to optimize your possibilities, it is worthwhile to take use of these tools, as well as to take advantage of LinkedIn’s current offers in order to demonstrate your abilities and knowledge.