#This Stray mod turns a meow into the “Jason” scream from Heavy Rain

“This Stray mod turns a meow into the “Jason” scream from Heavy Rain”

The basic meme lives on in a Stray mod

Lengthy after the conversations about David Cage’s notorious 2010 sport Heavy Rain have light away, one meme lives on in a single phrase: “Jason!” For individuals who could also be blissfully unaware, within the sport, there’s a second the place the participant has to hit X to yell for his or her lacking son Jason. It turned a basic meme just about in a single day, and cemented Heavy Rain‘s place as one of the infamous video games of all time.

Quick ahead to 2022, and Stray is successful the hearts of avid gamers in all places with its lovable, fuzzy protagonist. Since you’re enjoying as a cat, there’s even a complete button devoted to meowing… oh wait, I see the place they’re going with this. Modder Gibrietas took one take a look at that button and knew what they needed to do — mod Stray in order that as an alternative of meowing, your cat yells “Jason” (initially noticed by IGN).

Now I suppose I want to purchase the PC model of this sport too so I can mod it, as a result of the thought of operating round a dystopian cyberpunk metropolis as a cat yelling “Jason” at everybody looks as if a fairly superior solution to get to expertise the sport. Not solely that, however you’re additionally gonna be yelling “Jason” in numerous tones and inflections, as is true to Heavy Rain. Kudos to you, Gibrietas, for dedicating your self to that degree of element.

Whereas the JASON mod is well probably the most ridiculous we’ve seen of the Stray mods, it’s solely considered one of many. I personally love that many of the mods for the sport on Nexus are reskins of the protagonist in order that avid gamers can play with a cat that appears like their very own. Different highlights embody one that enables your cat to put on glasses, one which turns the loading display screen into Nyan Cat, and one which makes the cat barely fatter.


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