#The ska model of the Last Fantasy Chocobo theme slaps

The ska model of the Last Fantasy Chocobo theme slaps

ska Chocobo theme

Bawk Bawk the place are my Vans?

Due to a unbelievable tweet from person itsybatsy, the ska ska Chocobo theme can now be shared with the lots. You’ll be able to take heed to it under. Then take heed to it once more. And once more.

In case you’re questioning: it’s from Last Fantasy Document Keeper, which got here out roughly eight years in the past. Sadly, the sport is now not energetic, as service ended globally on September 29. However that hasn’t stopped people from sharing their recollections of the sport, together with some Document Keeper unique aesthetics and songs. Document Keeper really has a number of variations of the Chocobo theme, together with this fiddle-related sampling, and extra conventional variations.

Realizing that there’s a ska model of the Chocobo theme that now must be preserved wholly by followers is basically unhappy: and speaks to the transient nature of mobile-only video games. Whereas we haven’t exited the period of endless-mobile-games-as-a-service-only-to-be-shutdown-a-few-years-later; they’re nonetheless prevalent, and plenty of of them have some actually cool moments of creativity like this track.

Ideally, we will protect a whole lot of them by means of numerous means like clipping elements of it and posting them on social media. Whereas Document Keeper had basic points, stuff like this deserves to be remembered. Listening to totally different takes on basic tracks nearly by no means will get previous.


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