#The right way to beat Wyvern boss information

The right way to beat Wyvern boss information

Float like a Tremendous Sonic

We already took you thru a guided tour of the best way to beat Giganto within the first Sonic Frontiers island: so now it’s time for the subsequent huge unhealthy in line.

Wyvern, similar to the opposite core bosses within the recreation, requires a little bit of platforming earlier than the battle can actually start.

Getting the Chaos Emerald to show into Tremendous Sonic

Whereas it’s not a puzzle per se, Sonic Frontiers plops you into a little bit sandbox area and asks you to manually kick off the battle. Wyvern will probably be flying aimlessly above within the sky, and to interact them, you could climb up a tower and get the ultimate Chaos Emerald to energy up into Tremendous Sonic.

Head towards the large tower on the precise as quickly as you are available, and search for the beginning of the climb within the picture above. Comply with the ramps and rings and also you’ll make it to the highest, the place a cutscene will play, and the Wyvern aerial chase will start. You’ll trip on a digital street as you strategy the boss: simply dodge the fireballs with L1/R1 (LB/RB) and also you’ll grow to be Tremendous Sonic on the finish of the street.

Wyvern 3

Wyvern Section 1

Now you’re floating round and are on equal footing with Wyvern.

For this part, merely parry the primary missile you see heading towards you. Sonic will choose it up and toss it again at Wyvern, opening them up for a combo. Sprint in and assault (often mashing sq. with a combo weaved in [holding square, or X] will do).  If Wyvern raises its hand to smack you, parry that too. Rinse and repeat.

You’ll be on to part two very quickly.

Wyvern 4

Wyvern Section 2

In part two, the Wyvern will prepared all kinds of lasers similar to Giganto, however not a lot will change. You simply must casually dodge the round beams whereas approaching the boss, and missiles might be parried and despatched again as standard.

After doing a bit of harm in part two, Wyvern will queue up a ton of missiles, and a circle QTE will start. Be sure you follow this mechanic with fishing for a decrease key, much less tense state of affairs! From there you’ll must do one other crimson/white circle QTE, then mash Sq./X on Xbox to open up Wyvern’s mouth. And that’s it!


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