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The Fridge is Purple – Destructoid

Is your fridge operating? Then you definitely’d higher run sooner!

Horror is a enjoyable little style. It’s like drama, however it tries to open up your bowels. And we, as people, are afraid of so many issues. Some issues we’ve provide you with on our personal terrify us. Generally we’ve determined that issues supposed to trigger pleasure as a substitute trigger worry. It’s nice! You don’t even want one thing tangible, life itself is one lengthy horrifying expertise!

The Fridge is Purple is a little bit of a departure from the standard grotesque slasher horror I’ve been indulging in currently. It’s psychological past simply, “look out, that cat has obtained a knife!” It’s downright surreal, nailing what desires would most likely be like if I may dream about one thing other than noodles. Sadly, whereas it occurs to be persistently arresting with its visuals, it comes up brief with nearly every little thing else it makes an attempt.

The Fridge is Red - Gas Station

The Fridge is Purple (PC)
Developer: 5WORD Group
Writer: tinyBuild
Launched: September 27, 2022
MSRP: $14.99

You play as some man menaced by a fridge. Circuitously. It’s a kind of passive-aggressive fridges that appear to indicate up in visions. And whereas this crimson monolith is omnipresent, that’s about it. It would eat individuals. Who is aware of?

The plot throws down its playing cards a bit too early. The Fridge is Purple is about grief. Whether or not or not you’re dwelling out this grief or merely reliving it’s kind of left to interpretation. That’s cool and all, however The Fridge is Purple concurrently offers you too few items of the puzzle and too many.

Probably the most irritating a part of its storytelling is how, while you conclude one of many sport’s six chapters, it then replays them in a approach that demonstrates how the occasions truly occurred. So, whereas it’s obscure about plenty of issues, it additionally openly reveals you what it’s symbolizing. I don’t know why. I wish to suppose I’m simply not getting one thing, however I’m fairly positive I’ve obtained the entire image minus some questionable spots.

That’s cool, I assume. My fridge is white.

The place The Fridge is Purple actually succeeds is in its visible fashion. Sure, it’s a low-poly affair overlaid with a VHS filter, and that’s not notably novel anymore. Nevertheless, its use of lighting and purposeful obstruction of particulars are used fairly effectively. Moreover, it additionally does effectively at being convincingly surreal. It comes near being relatively comical in fairly a couple of circumstances, which solely provides to this fever dream haze you’re caught in.

I by no means discovered it to be all that scary, however there have been loads of moments that felt screenshot worthy. If nothing else, The Fridge is Purple does some nice ambiance. The lonely gasoline station appears like an island within the darkness. The hospital feels sterile and impersonal. Then it will get deliberately complicated.

It actually loves Misplaced Woods-style puzzles, the place it’s important to comply with instructions additional onerous to succeed. It’s efficient, however it will get relatively tiresome shortly.

The Fridge is Red - Funeral

One thing stinks within the fridge immediately

Really, the puzzles are tiresome typically. It actually leans on the horrors of mundanity. At one level, you actually stand in line for a couple of minutes, simply ready for the power to advance. I get why they selected to do it, however then later, you’re driving lengthy, empty roads within the snow.

The Fridge is Purple desires you to get misplaced. 4 of its six chapters have you ever navigate some kind of maze. It’s additionally extremely obscure about what you ought to be doing. I’m a sufficiently big woman that I don’t want it to carry my hand, however a bit of course would have been good sometimes. The snowy highway chapter was the worst for it. Every path finally leads again to the gasoline station, however solely a particular route results in the place you must go. At first, that is simple sufficient. The gasoline station attendant tells you the place to go. Then nothing.

For the final stretch of the chapter, I used to be informed “go right here” as an goal, after which simply began driving down the varied roads till I hit the one it wished me on. It takes a very long time to get again to the gasoline station every time, the surroundings is deliberately repetitive, and there isn’t even a radio. I used to be excited to get to that chapter after which was relieved to complete it.

Literally standing in line

I get all my greatest recommendation from home equipment

The Fridge is Purple appears like plenty of scenes that look actually good in a trailer constructed round a sport that isn’t attention-grabbing to play. Its puzzle design simply entails discovering a bunch of stuff to rub on different stuff, which is precisely what journey video games are, however they often don’t really feel like such a chore. In its makes an attempt to tie within the horrors of mundanity, The Fridge is Purple manages to make itself simply really feel mundane.

You’ll be able to see greatness from the heights that The Fridge is Purple reaches, however more often than not, you’re mired in its lows. At instances, it feels just like the central impediment within the sport is simply attempting to determine what it desires from you. What order, what course, and what interpretation you must arrive at. There’s positively imaginative and prescient right here that desires to be delivered, however it must be paired with consideration for the expertise.

[This review is based on a retail build of the game provided by the publisher.]


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