It’s possible that you won’t have to say goodbye to Twitter’s Fleets feature after all.

When Twitter announced last month that it would be retiring its Stories-like Fleets service, the company said that it would be taking the lessons gained from Fleets and applying them to other areas of development.

Now, we’re getting a first glimpse of what those new elements could be, with app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi uncovering this in-development feature, which would essentially enable you to utilize all of the Fleets features in a new visual editor process for your regular tweets.

Twitter visual test

It is possible to add’stickers, text, cropping, and more’ to your submitted movies and pictures using the new procedure, as seen below, before attaching them to your tweets, possibly giving them more presence and artistic flare in the feed.

Paluzzi also notes that new editor also enables you to upload a straight text visual, with a colored background – so essentially, you would have more functionality for your tweet uploads, with all the Fleets tools being merged across to this new editor.

Twitter visual tools

Will anybody care?

I mean, Fleets didn’t see massive take-up, so it’s not like they’re saving the key features from a previously popular addition. But Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey did note that Fleets had sparked more activity from a broader range of users, and with full-screen visual platforms like TikTok changing user habits, maybe, by providing more options like this in tweets, it could facilitate new usage.

Furthermore, the tools have already been created; Twitter has already completed the Fleets framework. Taking into consideration this, adding these components would ensure that all of the Fleet’s development time does not go to waste completely.

And even if no one uses them, they will still be available for use as add-ons if desired – so in some respects, it seems to be a reasonable addition to at least test the waters to see if it is something that people might benefit from.

Twitter may also seek to expand the visual editor’s capabilities, after the acquisition of Stories template tool Chroma Stories by the firm last year.

Chroma Stories

The full Chroma capability of Fleets does not seem to have been implemented yet — maybe by offering another visual tool, Twitter can continue to develop additional choices for enhancing messages and encouraging greater interaction.

But, there is no official comment on the project at this time; however it seems to make sense, if only for the purpose of testing out new features for the current Fleets tools.