With the debut of its new ‘Numerous Formats’ delivery option this week, Snapchat will allow marketers to combine multiple video ad formats into a single ad package.

Snapchat Mutli-Format campaigns

According to Snap:

“With Snap’s Multi-Format distribution, companies will be able to buy numerous ad formats in one coherent ad package, optimizing for the client’s key purpose or objective.” By the second quarter of 2022, the package will encompass all of Snap’s video ad formats, such as Snap Ads, Story Ads, Collection Ads, and Commercials, as well as Snap’s camera services (augmented reality).”

You’ll soon notice a new ‘Multiple Formats Ad Set’ option inside your Snap Ads set up, as seen in the top example, which will allow you to bundle numerous creative possibilities for distribution throughout Snap’s suite.

Snapchat multi-format ads

Snap’s automatic placement capabilities will be better equipped to assist maximize ad response, and you’ll be able to manage your Snap campaigns more efficiently by storing your creative components in a single ad package.

Of course, this reduces some control and visibility into certain pieces, as well as increasing the reliance on Snap’s automatic placements. However, it may give more efficiency possibilities – and it may likely deliver greater outcomes based on broader placement and exposure capacity, particularly for brand awareness efforts.

The new Multi-Format delivery option will be available starting this week, with AR placement coming in Q2 of next year.