If you haven’t already heard, short-form video is extremely popular right now, and as a result, almost every platform is looking for ways to capitalize on this shift in consumption and meet the increased demand from users for short, sharp video clips in order to maximize engagement with their content.

Reddit is the latest cab off the short-form video ranks, with the platform looking to maximize the rising interest in video on the platform by implementing its own TikTok-esque feed of short video clips, aligned with specific user interests based on the subreddits that they follow in the app.

Reddit short form video

As reported by TechCrunch:

“The majority of iOS users should have a button on their app immediately to the right of the search bar – when clicked, the button will display a stream of videos similar to TikTok’s setup. This is according to Reddit. When presented with a video (which displays the poster who submitted it as well as the subreddit from which it originated), viewers have the option to upvote or downvote, comment, give an award, or share the video. Users may swipe up to view another video, similar to how they would on TikTok, with material coming from subreddits that the user is subscribed to as well as relevant ones. For example, if you belong to r/printmaking, you may see material from other subreddits such as r/pottery or r/bookbinding.”

In the absence of a dedicated short video camera, Reddit will seek to use the video snippets that users have already posted inside their normal posts, with the majority of them already being extremely short, in line with the platform’s usage.

YouTube has adopted a similar strategy with Shorts, which is similar to ours. To the contrary, YouTube already has a large library of short films that it can include into its Shorts system, rather than relying on specially produced Shorts pieces. YouTube has been able to increase its emphasis on short video watching by using its current video resources, which is in line with changing consumer habits.

It’s true that YouTube’s Shorts clips are now generating 15 billion daily views in the app. A large proportion – maybe even the majority – of these films were not produced using the specialized Shorts Camera, but rather were pulled from YouTube’s larger content library.

It is hoped that Reddit can achieve a similar level of success in fulfilling user demand for short video clips with its current material, which may assist to increase interaction with this particular aspect.

The updated video player comes after Reddit acquired interactive video app Dubsmash late last year. Dubsmash enables users to lip-synch and dance to audio tracks, in a similar vein to TikTok.


With the introduction of the new short video player, it seems like Reddit is taking the first major step toward incorporating parts of Dubsmash into the site itself, which will no doubt result in greater integration between the two applications as Reddit strives to optimize its short video resources.

Like all platforms, Reddit has seen a steady increase in video engagement, especially over the last 12 months. Thousands of Redditors have now used the platform’s RPAN live-streaming functionality, which has steadily gained more traction over time, while video viewing, overall, in the app grew 2x in 2020.

The decision to align with the short-form trend makes a great deal of sense, and you can expect to see much more growth on this front as Reddit learns from its early experiments and tries to satisfy the growing demand for video content.

The new Reddit video player format is now available on iOS.