After testing it out with selected profiles over the past few months, TikTok is now rolling out its Boost-like ‘Promote’ option to all business users.

@tiktokforbusinessPromote is a NEW advertising tool that lets *anyone* amplify their existing TikToks without having to leave the app! ##tiktokmarketing

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As per TikTok:

“Starting this month, Promote will be accessible to companies to help them reach more people and build their communities via their TikTok videos,” says the company. Promote allows you to convert any organic TikTok video into an advertisement that appears right inside the app. You may begin contacting new audiences, establishing a following, and driving traffic to your company’s website right now.”

As previously said, the feature is comparable to Facebook’s Boost button, which allows you to increase the reach of your posts by rapidly putting up an ad campaign.

When the option is visible on your profile, you will be able to start a fast promotion by doing the following actions:

1. Choosing the video that you want to promote – You may promote any of your own TikTok videos by selecting one from the list provided. We recommend beginning with one of your best-performing organic videos in order to reach a larger audience with your most well-liked material.

2. Setting up your promotion – Decide on a campaign objective (for example, more views, website visits, or followers), establish a budget and timeframe for running the promotion, and choose the demographic you want to target with your video. 3. Creating your video

3. Keep an eye on your statistics – Once your promotion has been authorized, you can check in to see how your video is doing and how many new people are learning about your company!

Promoting your videos will be accessible via the fire symbol that appears on each video, through the TikTok Creator Tools menu, or through the TikTok Business Suite.

TikTok Promote options

The Promote process enables you to choose from three objectives:

  • More video views – This helps get more people to watch your video
  • More website visits – This guides more people to your website.
  • More followers – This helps you gain more followers.

If you choose ‘More website visits,’ you will be prompted to input your website URL as well as a call-to-action button for your website (for example, ‘Learn More,’ ‘Shop Now,’ or ‘Sign Up.’

In terms of targeting, you have two options: ‘Automatic,’ which means that TikTok will show your sponsored clip to individuals who it believes would be interested, or ‘Custom,’ which allows you to specify the details of your targeting (gender, age, and hobbies) yourself.

It’s also worth mentioning that Promote is only accessible for public videos that don’t include any music that is protected by intellectual property rights. In other words, if you were hoping to capitalize on a popular track’s trend, you won’t be able to magnify that particular clip.

Videos that have been promoted will show in targeted users’ For You feeds with the label ‘Promoted,’ indicating that they are part of a sponsored outreach campaign.

So, what is the effectiveness of this method? Although no one knows for certain at this time, many companies have reported positive outcomes from TikTok ads in general, and it may be a viable choice for rapidly amplifying your most successful video. When it comes to Facebook’s Boost option, some marketing advisors have advised against utilizing it since the targeting capabilities are more restricted. However, if you’re going to run a campaign, you should take use of all of the available choices by creating a full ad campaign.

However, it is possible that TikTok’s Promote tools may be different, and that they will yield different outcomes — and TikTok’s algorithm is especially excellent at showing people more of what they want to watch. Perhaps this will also make its automated ad targeting option more successful in this regard – however, at this point, the only way to know for sure is to experiment and see what results you could get from the various choices.

With the Christmas season rapidly coming, it may be worthwhile to give it a try as an additional aspect for your approach to marketing.

You can learn more about TikTok Promote here.