People are now trying to return to their usual, pre-COVID behaviors, with travel high on many people’s agendas, as the vaccination roll-out gains traction in many places.

Nothing like months of limitations and lockdowns to rekindle your sense of adventure, while many aspiring travelers have been saving their money during the lockdown months, giving them more options for escape with their approaching vacation plans.

Which is definitely where people are looking, according to the latest data from Pinterest. Pinterest says that total travel searches across its platform are up 19% in 2021, compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2019, while at the same time, searches for specific destinations are down 14% over the same period.

As per Pinterest:

“Today’s travelers are increasingly guided by passions (like hiking, food or museums) or goals (like escaping the city or chasing summer), rather than specific destinations. For example, searches for “dream vacations destinations” are up 482% year over year.” 

According to Pinterest, this enables travel marketers additional opportunities to reach out to potential customers with fresh bargains and offers by luring them with escape and adventure plans, which aligns with the larger desire to get out and explore the globe again.

Domestic travel has been particularly popular, and Pinterest has provided a map of the most popular places among Pinners in recent months.

Pinterest US travel map

That could help you think about how to sell your travel programs and packages, as well as the things and aspects that individuals will require on their new adventures.

And Pinners are unquestionably a free market in this regard:

“72 percent of those who use Pinterest to plan travel have used the site to choose a vacation spot. By meeting individuals when and where they’re seeking, you can get your brand into the mix.”

It’s been a challenging two years for travel and event marketers, but the light at the end of the tunnel appears to be approaching, with fresh numbers like these highlighting the growing interest in going away, which might lead to a much-needed tourism boom as we approach the final months of 2021.

We are now on course to witness a return to growth for those individuals and areas that rely on it.

You can read Pinterest’s full travel report here.