Pinterest is taking another step towards maximizing inclusion, with the addition of a new, first-of-its-kind hair pattern search option, which will enable Pinterest users to search for hair products and ideas based on varying hair types.

As you can see in this example, similar to Pinterest’s skin tone search qualifier, Pinners will now also be able to discover ideas based on their specific hair type, which will help narrow down their results with more personalized, useful matches in the app.

As explained by Pinterest:

“Hair pattern search, enabled by computer vision-based object recognition, allows Pinners to filter their hair searches by six different hair patterns: protective, coily, curly, wavy, straight, and shaved/bald. Protective, coily, curly, wavy, straight, and shaved/bald Pinners will be able to search for a broad hair keyword such as “summer hairstyles,” “glam hair,” or “short hair” in the coming weeks and refine their results by picking one of the six hair patterns to discover hair inspiration that is most relevant to their style and choice.”

Furthermore, Pinterest claims that its algorithm has recognized a hair pattern in over 500 million photos, guaranteeing that users may receive results based on their particular preferences.

Pinterest hair type search example

The simple-to-use filters will make it much easier to find more specific matches for each user, and, as previously stated, will contribute to Pinterest’s broader focus on maximizing inclusion and catering to a broader range of people by providing them with functional processes to guide their discovery process, among other things.

Pinners are particularly taken by hair, which is a significant source of fascination for them.

“Over 120 million searches for hair were conducted on Google in the last month alone, and over 5 billion Pins were generated on Pinterest that were linked to hair.”

“We’ve also discovered that the most popular hair searches on Pinterest are customized – for example, “natural hair twists protective” (15 times) and “best haircuts for thick wavy hair” (13 times).

However, while it may not appear to be a significant practical feature, allowing more inclusion on all levels may be extremely beneficial for certain persons and groups, and it is another significant step forward that will no doubt be duplicated by other applications.

Moreover, from a marketing standpoint, this might also encourage more companies to think about the degree of representation and inclusion in their Pin listings, given the fact that users can now narrow down their search results to more exact matches. Having relevant photos may also help you to optimize your possibilities if you want to be as successful as possible.