#Namco’s infamous & naughty shmup Phelios hits the Arcade Archives – Destructoid

Namco’s infamous & naughty shmup Phelios hits the Arcade Archives – Destructoid

It’s all Greek to me

A reasonably particular shmup launch has joined the ranks of Hamster’s Arcade Archives this week, as Namco’s mythological and controversial blaster Phelios is now out there to obtain on PS4 and Nintendo Change.

Launched to the Japanese arcade market in 1989, earlier than later being ported to the Sega Mega Drive, Phelios is a vertically-scrolling shmup that’s (very loosely) patterned after Greek mythology. Gamers don the mighty armor of the solar god Apollo, who mounts his mighty steed Pegasus and embarks upon a mission to rescue his spouse, Artemis, who has been kidnapped by the serpentine god, Typhon. Gamers information Apollo by way of seven famously difficult phases, taking up notable boss characters similar to Medusa, Antaeus, Cerberus, and The Sirens. Dusa would by no means.

Try the button-mashing motion within the video under, courtesy of YouTuber Replay Burners.

Whereas Phelios was a large success in its native Japan, it could, sadly, be not often seen outdoors of its native territory. Very similar to Namco’s earlier Rolling Thunder, gamers have been greeted with pictures of the damsel, Artemis, chained and tortured between phases, which left Namco slightly nervous about transport the title westward. Phelios can be one of many tougher shmup titles of its day, with even commonplace enemies usually requiring a number of pictures to dispatch. With its sexual content material and excessive problem, Phelios wouldn’t change into a mainstay of North America’s arcade facilities.

Nonetheless, it stays a genuinely robust and interesting title. And the now ultra-mild “sexual scenes”, together with the hilariously unfastened use of Greek mythology, (from Apollo driving Pegasus as a pet, to the usage of the famously heterosexual hunt goddess Artemis as his “princess spouse”), makes Phelios one of many extra fascinating examples of the late-’80s shmup style.

Phelios is accessible to obtain now on PS4 and Ninetndo Change, priced at round $8.


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