Are you interested in increasing the prominence of LinkedIn in your digital marketing efforts?

It’s absolutely something to think about. With 774 million members and record levels of engagement, the platform offers a unique chance to get your brand and business products in front of important decision-makers, which may be a fantastic method to create new leads and connections for your company or organization.

However, in order to take advantage of those chances to the fullest extent possible, you must examine your LinkedIn branding as well as how you present your essential information on the network.

Have you given any thought to what people will see on your LinkedIn profile and page when they search for you – whether on LinkedIn itself or through a Google search for your company name or product name?

Getting your branding efforts right may be critical to achieving this – and earlier this week, LinkedIn issued a new 33-page guide on successful brand-building techniques, as well as how you can use the network’s ad capabilities to increase your visibility on the site.

LinkedIn has also shared an infographic overview of the key principles and tips, which may also help in your process.

Check out the full infographic below.

LinkedIn Brand Building tips