The COVID-19 epidemic has caused widespread upheaval in many industries, prompting many employees to reevaluate their career choices and choose where they want to be positioned in the future.

The epidemic has also acted as a reminder that life is short, and many individuals are now re-evaluating their job choices with the goal of altering their lives as a result of the outbreak.

Many individuals will be moving professions and looking for other possibilities over the next few months and years as a result of the combination of these causes, which some have dubbed “The Great Reshuffle” or “The Great Resignation.” Moreover, companies that want to recruit and retain the finest people will need to modify their approach to employer branding as a result of these changes.

Underlining this, LinkedIn has published a new collection of insights and tips as to how businesses can align with these trends, and how they can use LinkedIn, specifically, to maximize their employer branding.

There are some valuable notes here, powered by Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trend Index, while LinkedIn has also provided more tips and insights here.

Check out the infographic overview of some of the key points below.

LinkedIn employer branding trends