LinkedIn is adding a new review element to its professional services listings, which will provide another way to highlight the quality of your professional skills within your LinkedIn profile details.

LinkedIn’s Services listings, which were first introduced in 2019, allow freelancers and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to include any services that they offer on their LinkedIn profile and be discovered for those services in search results.

LinkedIn Services listings

Clients and customers who have previously worked with you will now be able to submit evaluations of your work, which will be placed alongside your listings as an extra supplement to this.

LinkedIn reviews

As you can see in this example, shared by social media expert Matt Navarra, a new ‘Reviews’ section is now visible on eligible LinkedIn profiles, where you can share testimonials from past clients to provide more assurance and insight.

As LinkedIn explains:

“If you are a service provider on LinkedIn, we are pleased to inform you that you may now receive and read evaluations. Simply go to your Service Page to examine the feedback you’ve received from previous customers and to modify your reviews. If you haven’t gotten any reviews on your Service Page yet, make sure to start collecting them by sending out review invitations to customers.”

As part of the first rollout of the functionality, those who have enabled Services on their LinkedIn profile will be granted 20 credits to use to seek evaluations from past customers from other LinkedIn members.

While it should be a tremendously beneficial addition in the majority of cases, as with any review tool, there is the possibility that it will be abused, with people who wish to harm you for whatever reason being able to leave critical remarks and comments intended to harm your professional standing as well.

Helpfully, you’ll also have a range of management options to control how reviews are displayed, while you can also switch off the reviews entirely if you choose.

Overall, it seems to be a worthwhile addition, and with customer reviews offering much more confidence and advice for prospective customers, it has the potential to be a major assist in gaining more business via your Services listings.

LinkedIn service evaluations are now only available on desktop computers, with plans to expand their availability in the future.